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How to Feel More on Top of Work This Year

There are a variety of things you can do to help yourself feel more on top of your work, and it’s never too late in the year to start! We’ve compiled a list of the best methods for staying on task and getting things done.

Eliminate distractions

Distractions can come from anywhere, especially when you live a busy life. Keeping those distractions at bay until the end of the work day can make you all the more successful.

  • Setting aside a space in your home or making your office space at work more conducive to staying on task can be helpful in maintaining focus and getting tasks done.
  • There is no shame in saying no to something that doesn’t fit into your schedule. We are all go-getters, but taking time for yourself is just as important as working hard.
  • Silencing your phone and only using other devices for things related to your tasks for the day are valuable to help keep you on task.

Plan Your Day and Prioritize Tasks

Starting the day with time to plan for your day can make all the difference! Visualize your day ahead and plan the time you will need to complete each of your tasks.

  • Use a consistent organizational system such as a planner or online site for planning.
  • Prioritize your tasks. Whether it’s because they are bigger, more important, or require a pre-scheduled meeting, make sure those tasks end up at the top of your list so that you can knock them out throughout the day. Once you have done that big, hard thing, it will feel like a weight coming off of your chest.
  • Allow yourself to plan your day by taking advantage of time blocking, a method that helps you plan out your to-do list and the time that you are going to spend finishing tasks down to the hour that you do them. For more information, check out Our Favorite Ways to Stay Organized This Year and 10 Best Online Organizational Platforms to Improve Productivity.

Take Smart Breaks

Humans are not designed to work hours on end without breaks, and recognizing this can be one of the best things you can do for yourself and your schedule! So long as you are intentional about the breaks that you take, you will be sure to find success.

Lilli Malone is a journalism student at Loyola University Chicago and has minors in criminal justice and political science. She works for two Chicago newspapers in addition to her work as a Quotable Editorial Intern.

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