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10 Best Online Organizational Platforms to Improve Productivity

In today’s world, between hybrid and remote working, staying organized and staying connected with your coworkers can be quite difficult. Luckily, modern-day technology can help you navigate this, offering hundreds of online organizational platforms. Here are the 10 best online organizational spaces for your workplace.


nTask is a Project Management Software used for improving individual productivity and communicating as a team. With unique tools like timesheets, you can plan and track the amount of time you would like to spend on specific tasks and projects. This ensures that you make the most of your time. nTask has features that help boost personal productivity and tons of features that allow smooth communication between coworkers, including meeting management and Team Management software making this the perfect online organizational space for your workplace.


ClickUp is designed for teams across all industries to collaborate on projects. The platform is a very accessible way to keep all of your team’s work within one space. What makes ClickUp unique is that it offers many different ‘views’ of the website for everyone on the team’s unique learning and organizational styles. Clickup also offers tools to clarify exactly what everyone’s roles are in a certain project, allowing teams to assign watchers and single or multiple assignees.


Loom is the perfect platform for workplaces looking for an easy and convenient way to host online team meetings. Loom can be used both in the workplace and for client communication. It allows its users to record videos, voiceovers, and screen recordings and then easily and privately distribute them. It is perfect for communicating with team members working on a time difference or working with a client that has limited availability.


Airtable is another great collaborative online organizational space for workplaces that are in need of a platform to store all of their data, information, and work. Some of its features include: the ability to build custom business apps for your workplace, the ability to manage security and data, create a business workflow with the use of AI, and create tables and automations to keep your team organized. Airtable also conveniently connects data from other platforms like Google Drive, Slack, Outlook, and more to ensure that all of your team’s work can be accessed under one platform.


Gusto is targeted towards business owners struggling to organize the logistics of running a business. It allows you to easily and quickly run payroll, distribute and manage employee benefits such as automatic savings and 401k plans, keep track of employee’s time off and attendance, and assist with recruiting and hiring. Gusto is primarily targeted to help business owners maintain order and organization and “put the joy back into running a business.”


Asana is a flexible collaborative workspace that fits the needs of all types of businesses. With different plans ranging from basic to enterprise, Asana has a specific plan fit for every type of business. You can create clear goals that your whole team is aware of, create collaborative boards and timelines, and track your team’s workload and productivity.


Whatfix is a user-friendly organizational platform that will be very easy to transition into your workplace. It is specially designed to assist with onboarding. Offering “interactive guidance and on-demand support,” this is the perfect tool for remote businesses having difficulties training new employees without a physical in-person onboarding. Whatfix offers an array of products designed to help teams analyze, build, and deliver content.


Jostle is another popular platform that helps organize the entire team’s work, schedules, and information all in one place, and is specially designed to help you through your challenges. Their philosophy is to help teams get past the “wall of frustration” which is the different challenges that can occur in a workplace such as time zones, miscommunications, disorganized information, and unclear instructions that can deter members from working to the best of their abilities.


Habitica is an organizational platform geared towards individual use that makes organizing, goal-setting, and to-do lists fun! It is a good habit-oriented planner and organizer tool but designed like a game giving you rewards for completing tasks and quests. Through this platform, you can create detailed and organized to-do lists and categorize good habits from bad habits. When a task from the to-do list or a good habit is completed, you earn rewards.


Proofhub is great for businesses looking for an online shared workplace that is specific to their company. Not only does it have amazing collaborative tools, but it has project-specific tools for the different sectors within your business. For example, there are different parts of the platform designed for marketing teams, sales teams, and creative and design teams.

Anya Halecky is a Magazine Editorial Intern at Quotable Magazine. She is a senior at the University of Arizona studying Journalism, Public Relations, and Chinese Language.

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