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Dorchester Food Co-op
Brand launch case study

Cape Cod'r CPG
Brand Launch Case Study

Cutter Luxe Living
Brand Case Study

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In the spring of 2023, our team embarked on a comprehensive initiative to create and launch the branding, visibility, and media outreach for the Dorchester Food Co-op. With a focus on developing a strong online presence and fostering meaningful community engagement, our strategies encompassed branding alignment, content creation, social media management, media pitching, and active participation in community initiatives.

We initiated the project by establishing a robust foundation for Dorchester Food Co-op's branding. Crafting a cohesive visual identity was paramount, and we curated a media kit, social media identity, and designs for a neighborhood flyer, postcard mailer, and an email marketing plan that resonated with the co-op's values and mission. This not only aligned the messaging but also laid the groundwork for the subsequent media outreach efforts.

Central to our strategy was developing a comprehensive content strategy that spanned digital platforms. Managing the co-op's Instagram and Facebook accounts, our team curated engaging and informative content that resonated with the target audiences. This content was supplemented by consistent blog posts on the co-op's website and emails to the email list, providing valuable insights, recipes, and updates that showcased the co-op's commitment to its community.

Our media outreach efforts yielded significant results. Through strategic media pitching, we secured noteworthy coverage in prestigious publications including The Boston Globe, Dorchester Reporter, and The Boston Herald, with TV features on Fox25, Boston Neighborhood Network News, and local radio shows such as WBZ: Connoisseurs Corner with Jordan Rich, Breaking Bread with Joe Piantedosi, and WBZ: New England Weekend. Before the location was even open we had secured coverage in nearly every major outlet in the area. 

We went beyond digital interaction to foster genuine connections, internally and community-wide. By attending in-person co-op meetings, we gained insight into the organization's internal dynamics and updates. This allowed us to create content that resonated with both the co-op's ethos and the community's aspirations. In-person meetups also facilitated the creation of authentic social media content through on-location photoshoots, which provided an intimate glimpse into the co-op's daily operations.

Our concerted efforts have resulted in a substantial increase in brand visibility, media coverage, and community engagement for Dorchester Food Co-op. With numerous editorial pieces in the pipeline and a growing presence across various media platforms, the co-op is positioned for continued growth and impact. By creating a holistic strategy that integrates branding, content, and personal connection, we have successfully elevated the co-op's presence within the community and beyond.

 Grand Opening Visibility for Dorchester Food Co-op

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When Cape Cod'r, a dynamic new canned cocktail brand, sought a successful launch for their four innovative products in the competitive US market, they turned to Quotable Media Co. With a strategic blend of media outreach, influencer collaboration, and meticulously crafted press content, Quotable Media Co. undertook the task of introducing Cape Cod'r to a wide and diverse audience.

Leveraging our expertise in public relations and media engagement, Quotable Media Co. devised a multi-faceted approach to capture the attention of both industry insiders and consumers alike. We targeted major trade publications such as Cheers, BevNET, and Beverage Dynamics, securing prominent features that showcased the brand's unique offerings and value proposition. We also extended the reach to regional publications like Boston Common, Boston Globe, and Cape Cod & the Islands Magazine, cementing Cape Cod'r's presence in its local market.

The impact of our efforts extended beyond trade and regional publications. Our strategic approach led to interest and sample requests from notable national publications like Thrillist, Chilled, The List, and even Forbes. This recognition highlighted Cape Cod'r as an emerging force in the beverage industry. To enhance the brand's visual narrative, we secured impactful photographs through influencer collaborations, including the esteemed Capeology.

Our approach to Cape Cod'r's launch encompassed various facets of public relations, combining media outreach with influencer seeding and social media support. We meticulously crafted press releases and pitches, facilitating effective communication with journalists and industry stakeholders. In conjunction with Nantucket Island Marketing, who was managing the Cod'r accounts, we facilitated influencer shares, IG Lives, and giveaways that captured the audience's attention and expanded awareness of the brand.

Through our collaborative efforts, Cape Cod'r achieved a remarkable launch that resonated with industry experts, regional consumers, and national media outlets. The brand's presence in diverse publications and influencer collaborations positioned Cape Cod'r as an emerging and desirable choice in the competitive canned cocktail market. With a series of press hits, social media engagement, and influencer endorsements, Cape Cod'r's launch has set the stage for continued growth and recognition, making a significant mark in the beverage industry.

Launching Cape Cod'r Canned Cocktails

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Cutter Luxe Living, a premier local luxury real estate group spearheaded by the visionary Haley Cutter, partnered with Quotable Media Co. to amplify their brand presence and spotlight their exceptional real estate offerings. With a focus on building the company's reputation, showcasing its founder as an industry leader, and shining a spotlight on select properties, our collaboration aimed to establish Cutter Luxe Living as a prominent force in the luxury real estate landscape.

Quotable Media Co’s strategic media outreach efforts have resulted in an impressive array of local and national media coverage for Cutter Luxe Living. We secured notable placements in distinguished print media outlets across the Boston area, including Boston Magazine, The Boston Globe, and Boston Common Magazine, as well as on a national scale, with coverage in prominent publications like Robb Report, Insider, Authority Magazine, and Mansion Global. These placements spanned from expert source quotes that positioned Cutter Luxe Living as a trusted industry authority, to feature articles that cast a wider spotlight on the founder's remarkable work and accomplishments.

Our comprehensive approach involved not only elevating the brand but also spotlighting the founder, Haley Cutter, as a trailblazing figure in the luxury real estate sector. By securing feature articles, expert-source insights, and podcast features with Haley Cutter, we established her as a prominent industry voice, garnering recognition for her expertise and leadership. Additionally, our collaboration extended to property-focused coverage with multiple placements spotlighting select properties that highlighted Cutter Luxe Living's commitment to delivering exceptional real estate experiences.

Through our strategic efforts, Cutter Luxe Living's brand reputation has been solidified in both local and national media landscapes. Our spotlight on the founder has positioned her as a recognized industry influencer, contributing valuable insights to industry conversations. Our property-focused coverage underscored the brand's commitment to excellence. As Cutter Luxe Living continued to thrive, and make its mark in the luxury real estate domain, Quotable Media Co. remained committed to elevating the brand, showcasing the founder's leadership, and creating a lasting impact in the industry.

Elevating Cutter Luxe Living's Brand

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