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Wherever you are on your PR journey, we have resources to help you along to the next step.

Tired of chasing after potential clients and feeling like if only you could reach more people your business would be succeeding farther and faster? Enter: the power of PR. Press attention will get you in front of much wider audiences, and make them want to seek you out, so that they're coming to you rather than all the stress being on you finding them. 

Think PR could help your business grow but you want to do it yourself? We'll show you how.

DIY Resources

Want to do your own PR but not sure how to keep it organized or how to know what to do when? Download our monthly planner, and keep track of your PR tasks each for each month. It walks you through what to do and when to do it, so you can keep your PR tasks organized, streamlined, and never let anything fall through the cracks. This one page printable download can be printed as many times as you want to use monthly.


Monthly PR Planner

Diy: PR Guide

Have a big announcement and ready to finally get some attention for it? Put together a professional press release to send to media outlets so they can create an article about your news. This guide will explain the steps of writing a press release, what  to include and how it should look so that writers will take you seriously. Includes a free template that you can copy for the exact look of your press release.



Diy: PR Guide

You want to get in the media and have articles written about your business but you don’t even know where to start, right? This short guide walks you through the first step, which is creating a targeted media list! It takes you through step by step in a really easy-to-read and easy-to-follow way, and leaves you with a totally completed media list. Free media list template included.


How to create a media list

Diy: PR Guide

Make your brand magnetic through PR. Learn how to place your brand in the media (for free) to expand your audience and automatically attract your ideal customers.

A group program

Diy: Ultimate PR Bootcamp

Not sure where to get started? Download the FREE ebook on easy ways to promote your business!