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Our Favorite Ways to Stay Organized This Year

January. A month full of resolutions, optimism, and the remnants of a little holiday mayhem. After indulging, celebrating, and maybe even hibernating for a while, our routines and spaces are in serious need of a refresh. Let’s not be intimidated by the post-holiday whirlwind. Instead, let’s adopt a few methods to take back control and achieve our maximum potential. These are our top five picks for taking back control of the chaos and staying organized amid the new year.

Meal Prep

Embrace the magic of meal prep and do away with the daily “what’s for dinner?” scramble. Spend a few hours throughout the weekend preparing meals in bulk, chopping fruits and veggies, and setting aside snacks. It not only gives you financial and nutritional control, but it will also save you valuable time by helping you avoid making harmful last-minute decisions. We promise that when you have a refrigerator full of tasty, ready-to-eat food, your future self will thank you.

Weekly Planners

Let’s face it, relying solely on memory in January is a recipe for missed appointments and forgotten deadlines. The weekly planner is here to help you navigate the hectic hurricane that is the new year. Organize your personal and professional obligations, and don’t forget your gym and movie nights! Organize your schedule by color-coding, highlight important tasks, and enjoy checking things off your to-do lists. A structured plan is your key to feeling on top of things, not crushed by them.

Declutter Your Space

January feels like the perfect time to shed the excess, both literally and figuratively. Tackle that overflowing inbox, purge your closet of unworn clothes, and donate items that no longer spark joy. Decluttering isn’t just about clearing physical space; it’s about creating mental clarity and reducing stress. Remember, less is often more, and a minimalist approach can bring surprising serenity into your life.

Set a Routine

Since humans are habitual beings, creating an established routine can really make a big difference this January. Get up at the same time every day, work out regularly, devote time for focused work hours, and unwind with relaxing habits before going to bed. Even in moments when the outside world seems a little chaotic, this steady routine offers a sense of control and stability. Routines also free up your brainpower for higher-priority tasks, such as achieving the resolutions you set for yourself.

Track Your Progress

Never undervalue the importance of celebrating your accomplishments! As you implement these organizational strategies, keep track of your progress. Did you follow your weekly meal plan? Nailed that presentation without breaking a sweat? Acknowledge these achievements, big or small. Monitoring your progress gives you confidence in your abilities and encourages you to keep moving forward. You’ve got this!

Remember, organization isn’t about creating a picture-perfect Instagrammable life. Finding routines that suit your needs, fit into your schedule, and establish a sense of peace and control in January and beyond is the key. So, embrace the tips, try new things, and most importantly, celebrate your journey to a more organized, fulfilled you!

Now get out there, declutter, plan, prep, and most importantly, thrive in this exciting new year!

Hailing all the way from Portland, Oregon, Alyssa Camp joined the dynamic world of the Quotable Media Co team. When she’s not researching or brainstorming, you can find her diving into a new book or uncovering Boston’s hidden gems.

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