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for Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

Launch Grant 2020

The Launch Grant for Female Entrepreneurs aims to raise up women who aspire to start or are just getting started in their entrepreneurial journey. The grant awards $5K to one recipient per year who shows extreme promise in their business idea and for whom a lack of funds is the main barrier to launch. We believe that giving back to the next generation of entrepreneurs by helping them gain the resources they need to successfully launch their business is our calling, and that no world-changing invention should be held back by lack of funds. The grant is awarded as a contest, with one winner chosen out of the pool of applicants, at the discretion of a judging committee. Submissions will be judged based on criteria set out below. Anyone who is eligible (see 'eligibility' section) is encouraged to apply, and there will be particular emphasis on supporting black women and women of color, who historically experience higher barriers to entry when it comes to entrepreneurship. Applications are open through December 31, 2020 and the winner will be notified by January 31, 2021.


The grant awards one $5,000 lump sum to one winner per year. The funds can go toward any part of the business project, but are expected to be allocated as outlined in the submission.

In addition to the grant, the winner will receive a spotlight in Quotable Magazine, the online magazine by Quotable Media Co, an interview on Quotable: a Female Millennial Entrepreneur Podcast, and other publicity opportunities throughout the year.

Funding + Prize

The Female Entrepreneur Launch Grant is awarded to aspiring female business owners and entrepreneurs in the United States. To be eligible, applicants must identify as female, be US residents, and be between 18 and 30 years old by the time of submission. Applicants must have a well-thought out business idea or a business already in existence, which demonstrates an urgent need for funds in order to reach success or officially launch. Preference will be given to projects that do not already have outside funding, and to which a $5,000 grant will make a significant impact on growth or feasibility.  


Is there a well thought out plan for how to use this money to launch or build this business with an achievable outcome and ‘return on investment’ within the next year?

- business plan

Does it solve a problem in a way not already available or create a unique offer not otherwise in existence?

- unique business idea

- financial need

Our selection committee is comprised of the Quotable Media team and outside members who are all successful female entrepreneurs with a diverse and varied background. The selection committee judges the submissions based on:

Selection process

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04. How will this grant have a huge impact on your business

05. How will your business be making the world a better place

01. Share your project

02. Why you want to make it happen

03. What will you do with the funds