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Coaching Corner: Joyful Living by Elizabeth

What are your main offerings/programs?

The Ultimate Deep Dive – Elizabeth’s Private 1:1 Personalized Coaching

I am a multi-certified coach, healer and a board certified licensed pharmacist. I’m passionate about helping folks heal their relationship with themselves (& others). 

I work with clients helping them to move out of feeling stuck, stressed, & disconnected from themselves while supporting them to make the changes they want. 

I offer The Ultimate Deep Dive which is my private 1:1 personalized life coaching to support my clients anywhere on the globe.

Why did you get into coaching? 

In my early 30s, I experienced significant health challenges caused by years of having poor boundaries, people pleasing to earn my worth, needing to prove myself to others, and putting their needs above my own. 

Coaching was the missing link to my healing. I learned how to properly support, prioritize and trust myself as well as listen to my body, honor my needs and what I actually wanted.

I knew I had to share this transformational work with others. So I pivoted from pharmacy, became a certified coach and started my Joyful Living coaching practice helping folks heal and step into their power, which has truly been my soul work. 

What’s your favorite part about what you do? 

Hands down, the most gratifying feeling is witnessing my clients in their breakthroughs–stepping into their worthiness, seeing themselves as enough, as deserving and showing up in their power.

Seeing the ripple effect and positive impact coaching has on my clients’ lives is so fun. They often come to me for one specific thing but their whole life improves as they begin to heal from the inside out.

What’s the best transformation you’ve seen lately in a client?

My client came to me after struggling for years with having poor boundaries. After 6 months of working together, he created healthy and loving boundaries with his partner, family members, friends as well as business partners.

The people in his life adjusted to his new standard and his relationships grew even stronger. He is now able to honor his needs, checks in with his energy first and foremost and shows up for his people without it being at his own cost.  

“I listen to myself more now. I give myself the grace of asking, ‘How is this going to affect my energy and my own nuclear family?’ Before I say yes to anything, I now ask, ‘How will this affect my current situation? Most importantly, how will I feel?’ I put on my selfish hat and look inward as my go-to now.” 

If you could share a word of wisdom with another woman in business, what would it be?

As you’re growing your business, surround yourself with like minded supportive people because often the people who have always known you, see you as you used to be and not YET who you are becoming.

Also, celebrate every win! Too often it’s easy to keep going and bypass the wins. I say dance with your wins! Let your body get used to what it feels like to celebrate yourself. What feels safe becomes easier to create more of.

What’s your favorite way to start the day?

I love drinking hot water with lemon when I wake up for some hydration and gentle detox. I read for a few minutes which grounds me and then I go for a walk to connect with myself, nature, and to feel inspired.

Connect with Elizabeth

I invite you to book a complimentary Play Date call with me to see how I can support you with making the changes you want. 
You can schedule your call at ElizabethLevitin.com/services 

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