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Hispanic Heritage Month: Most Inspiring Quotable Interviews

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Quotable wanted to highlight and honor some of our strong, Hispanic, female entrepreneurs and business owners that we have had the privilege of being able to get to know and feature on our podcast and magazine.

Here are some of Quotable’s most inspiring interviews with Hispanic business women:
Tricia Timm

Tricia Timm is a very successful first generation Latina woman with lots of expertise to share with women in business.Tricia has balanced being a mom, a first-generation professional, and being one of the only Latina women in a predominately white and male workspace all at once. She shares her knowledge from her life and work experience of the importance of diversity in the workplace in her book, “Embrace the Power of You: Owning Your Identity at Work.” Quotable is extremely pleased to have had the opportunity to interview such a strong and inspiring woman. Listen to her Quotable Podcast episode to hear how Tricia explores how she overcame struggles to get where she is today, how to combat fear of being different in the workplace, and why it is so beneficial to embrace diversity and inclusivity in your workplace.

Nayline Carrion

Nayline Carrion is the founder of the very successful business The Blanc Space, a blank multi-purpose event space that can be rented out for any type of gathering. Nayline’s business stemmed from her Pinterest and Instagram ideas and her love for hosting parties. Nayline is a very passionate Hispanic business woman with lots of advice on building a business from your interests, overcoming challenges, and staying motivated. Check out Nayline’s Quotable Magazine interview to read more!

Kathleen Ribeiro

Kathleen Ribeiro is another inspiring Hispanic entrepreneur who built her own business from the ground up. Kathleen is the owner of KMService which is a business that helps fellow female entrepreneurs with their business systems. She is dedicated to helping others, but also makes herself a priority with her amazing work-life balance. Kathleen takes control over her own schedule and makes sure to leave enough time to take care of her own health, wellness, and fitness despite her busy life. Check out Kathleen’s Quotable Magazine interview to hear about how she started her business, how she sets herself up for success on a daily basis, and her additional advice for other female entrepreneurs.

Kristine Resendes

This inspiring Hispanic entrepreneur is a marketing expert, sharing her knowledge with Quotable listeners. Kristine Resendes is CEO & Founder of the digital marketing agency, Social Thrive. Her business helps companies to build successful digital marketing plans. Tune into Kristine’s Quotable Podcast episode to hear her deep dive into her marketing expertise. In the episode, Kristine touches on building connections, referrals, client trust, client retention, and personal boundaries.

Anya Halecky is a Magazine Editorial Intern at Quotable Magazine. She is a senior at the University of Arizona studying Journalism, Public Relations, and Chinese Language.

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