Building Lasting Connections that Grow Your Business

It’s the Quotable Podcast 3rd anniversary and in this week’s episode we hear from Kristine Resendes, Founder & CEO of Social Thrive, a full service digital marketing agency. Social Thrive builds custom digital marketing strategies that help businesses thrive online. Powered by innovation, analytics, creativity, and topped off with a personal touch. They are a Boston Based agency with two national offices in Miami, FL and Los Angeles, CA.

In this episode you will learn:

-How to build connections with other business owners
-The value in building trust with your clients
-The power of a good referral
-The right time to set personal boundaries when starting a new business
-How to evaluate when it’s time to expand your team
-Keys to client retention

Connect with Kris:

Web: socialthrive.com
Instagram: @socialthrivebos
LinkedIn: @company/2632392/admin/
Facebook: @socialthrive
Twitter: @socialthrivebos

Listen to the episode:

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