Use Your Personal Success Code to Create an Aligned Biz with Jess Bubbico

In this week’s episode of the podcast I get to chat with Jess Bubbico, founder of Love Your Woo,

as she helps entrepreneurs connect with their inner knowingness to create a unique success code for their business.

Jess Bubbico is a human design and gene keys coach who helps entrepreneurs create businesses that feel authentic and aligned for them.

This episode is about how human design can help people understand their own unique success code. Jess Bubbico learned about how human design can help people understand their own unique success code when she was looking for a way to help her clients build their businesses in a more authentic and aligned way. She found that human design, the gene keys, and other tools she uses help people to get anchored in themselves and understand what they’re here to serve to the world.

“If we don’t have that inner core knowingness of our own personal success code, of what we want, of what’s important to us, then we might find ourselves constantly getting pulled in different directions, doubting ourselves, et cetera.”

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  • How our unique success code can help us create a business that feels authentic and aligned for us
  • What human design and the gene keys can teach us about our own personal success code
  • How we can use our five senses to connect with our inner knowingness and intuition

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Connect with Jess:

Website: https://www.loveyourwoo.com

Instagram: @loveyourwoo

listen to the episode

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