Megan Galane on How to Systemize Your Business So It Runs Without You

Don’t know how to get started with systems in your business?

In this week’s episode I got to chat with Megan Galane, the CEO and founder of the SOS Advantage, where she helps CEOs in the service-based industry build operational systems. Galane got into systemizing when she realized that her family’s company wasn’t as digitized as it could be. She then went into building her own company with the goal of immediately replacing herself.

“I learned that I’m never going to stop doing what I enjoy doing, which is creating businesses. So I had to learn to systemize. I had to learn how to delegate. I had to learn how to run a team efficiently.”

Megan Galane was working in her family’s company and was interested in creating passive income on the side. She was pushed to the edge of burnout and had to make a choice between her health and business. She chose her health and spent a year systemizing her business so she could eventually step away and still have it run smoothly. After committing to the process, she was able to find a balance between her health and business and eventually created an agency where she is now replaceable. She focuses on creating systems that allow for her team to take on the day-to-day tasks and for her to step into a CEO role.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

-How to systemize and build a business so that it can run without the founder’s involvement.
-The importance of choosing one’s health over business.
-How to make the transition from a one-person business to a company with multiple employees.

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Connect with Megan:

Website: http://www.megangalane.com

Instagram: @megangalane

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