Cecile Antier on Launching a Gender Inclusive, Fully Sustainable Brand of Tights

On this week’s episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Cecile Antier, mother, fashion lover, former lawyer and proud founder & CEO of Les Belles.

Launched September 2021, Les Belles is a gender/race/size inclusive tights/hosiery brand that’s completely DTC, and fully sustainable. Cecile revealed that the 3 pillars of Les Belles are to be innovative, inclusive and fun!

Born and raised in France, Cecile has been wearing collants (that’s French for tights) for as long as she can remember. They’re a French woman’s wardrobe staple and central to her fashion story. Cecile wears tights for her own pleasure, to add power to a suit or sensuality to her sneakers. Les Belles was launched out of Cecile’s desire for everybody to experience the same freedom at an affordable price.

Les Belles tights are meticulously crafted for every gender, size, shape and personality in an ethical, eco-conscious factory,and made to be ultraluxe and robust—but with sustainability, inclusivity, affordability and social responsibility in mind. They use 3D-knit technology, recycled materials and innovative designs that merge science and fashion to create cruelty-free collants (tights) that not only look good and feel amazing, but last.

Listen in to learn more about Cecile’s inspiration for launching Les Belles and how she has built a self funded, profitable, direct to consumer brand of tights in the US that makes inclusivity and sustainability a top priority- all while making tights fun for everyone!

In this episode you will hear:

-Cecile’s journey from being a lawyer to launching a new product in the US
-The (French) inspiration behind the brand
-How Les Belles is revolutionizing the tights market through sustainability and gender inclusivity
-Les Belles’ unique marketing testing approach to getting started
-How she launched a self funded, profitable, direct to consumer brand in the US

Connect with Les Belles:

Web: lesbelles.co

Instagram: @lesbelles.co

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