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Black Female Entrepreneurs to Take Inspiration From This February

This year, Quotable has been lucky enough to speak to women of all backgrounds about their experience as a woman in the business world. Here are a few of our top choices for Black female entrepreneurs you can look to for inspiration this Black History Month.

Zanade Mann Quotable Magazine
Zanade Mann
Zanade Mann of Zanade Enterprises LLC

What’s your business and how did you get started?
Zanade Enterprises LLC is a full service marketing agency that specializes in digital marketing, branding, and public relations for small business owners and nonprofit organizations.

What’s your favorite thing about being a business owner?
Autonomy and the ability to be creative and work with other creatives to design campaigns that have lasting impact. Read more…

Doyin J. Akinpelu of House of Royal

House of Royal is an online luxury accessories brand. I love being able to always put my best foot forward when it comes to my style. Whether I’m quickly pulling a casual look together for a day out running errands, or creating a fancier look when the occasion demands it one thing I’ve realized is that it’s all in the styling. It’s not about being dressed head to toe in Gucci or Chanel that creates a luxe and nicely-curated look. It’s really about how the outfit has been styled–– how it’s been intentionally put together. Read more…

Nyeesha D. Williams Creates Serenity For Mothers

The ultimate supporter of women and mothers, Nyeesha dedicates her work to healing and uplifting others. We had a chance to talk to her about her holistic community for BIPOC mothers, her own motherhood journey, and how she keeps her mental health in check. Read more…

Bazodee Foods – Caribbean Sauces

Inspired by their rich Venezuelan, Trinidadian, and Caribbean roots, founders Auntie Mavis, Debra, and Kiah Sandler birthed “Bazodee Foods” from their own family’s line of traditions, recipes, and heritage. While three generations of strong women stand behind the enterprise, the iconic, robust flavors and seasonings from the Caribbean have been passed down from generation to generation, taking these tastes to new countries, from Venezuela to the United States. Read more…

The Numbers that Matter in Marketing

Does the idea of navigating a spreadsheet send you into a cold sweat? If you find yourself without a calculator and faced with long division, do you get short of breath? If you answered yes to any degree, you are likely someone who is not particularly fond of numbers. But, they are an integral element of generating successful practices in business. So, you need to crunch the numbers yet don’t know where to begin, and are without a corporate coworker to assist you. This is where consultation comes into play. Read more…

Remi Jones RemiTV
Remi Jones on The Big Screen

Remi TV is a talk show that was created by Remi Jones to strengthen the Black and brown communities by giving guests and audience members freedom of expression through music, dance, and conversation. In Providence, Rhode Island, African Americans only represent 17% of the population. Read more…

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