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Remi TV is a talk show that was created by Remi Jones to strengthen the Black and brown communities by giving guests and audience members freedom of expression through music, dance and conversation. In Providence, Rhode Island, African Americans only represent 17% of the population.

The show features a mix of local and national musical artists and entertainers, and has become a “go-to” in Providence. It also highlights positive stories and conversations from business owners, artists and celebrities in the community.

Although the local show is now growing in popularity, the journey to get there consisted of hard work, according to host and producer Remi Jones. “There is so much that goes into producing a show. One of the things that I think about is what my audience finds interesting and what they would like to see. I do all the producing myself, and it’s just my camera men and me,” explained the talented talk show host.

Jones also highlighted the importance of finding topics for her show. Her process for this can take many different forms, as sometimes she will write down topics that come to her mind, or turn to her “personal social media page and ask people what kind of topics they would like to see.”

Starting one’s own show though is no piece of cake. “It took a lot of financial sacrifice. When I first started my show I was going to college studying to be a paralegal, while working a full time job. One of the things I had to do was put money away to rent out studios to shoot my shows in,” Jones said.

Even geographical location can be a struggle when trying to make it in the media. “Rhode Island isn’t exactly the best place for me to do celebrity interviews because there’s not really an entertainment industry here,” Jones said.

However, she plans to change that narrative. “My goal is to definitely change that about my city. I have so many people that tell me they want to do media coverage but there is nothing here. My journey was not easy and is still not. I still hear ‘no’ all the time.”

“I wanted to be the first person in my family to be somebody.”

Hearing “no” doesn’t get this motivated woman down though, as she is no stranger to struggle. “I grew up in a rough neighborhood and I didn’t want to become a product of my own environment. I wanted to be the first person in my family to be somebody and be able to bless my family with whatever they needed,” Jones said. She uses her tough background to inspire her to work even harder.

Jones also understands, though, that one needs to have balance in life when it comes to working hard and taking care of oneself. “I practice self care by taking a day or two off to just watch movies, hang out with friends and do my favorite things like meditate or do my nails. I really suggest that people take time to put their phones away for a few hours, and also don’t be afraid to tell people ‘no.’,” Jones said. This attitude came from a personal struggle. “I stand by this because one time I overworked and stressed myself out so bad that I ended up in the hospital and was really dehydrated and hooked up to heart monitors. Everyone should take the time to recharge.”

Although she’s accomplished so much, Jones still strives for more in her career. “I stay motivated by not being where I want to be yet in my media career. Although people see me interviewing celebrities, and having a TV show, I do have other goals I want to reach. I have a 10-year goal of owning a television network and airing some local movies. I want to be able to create opportunities for creatives to be seen and heard in their fields,” Jones said.

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Photos by: Jay Hunt

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