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Quotable’s Seven-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

Refresh your life with us as the warm weather rolls in! Taking the time to properly clean out and organize your space can tend to fall on the back burner of our to-do lists. Counteract your cleaning procrastination with our Seven Day Spring Cleaning Challenge.

Sunday: Office refresh

Go into the new season with a clear mind by starting your spring cleaning off decluttering your workspace. Sort and organize your files, revamp your desk supplies, improve ergonomics, and throw in some new decorations to add your own personal flare to your office! Workspace organization doesn’t end with your physical space. Organize your life digitally by tidying up your computer files, clearing your desktop, and more!

Monday: Deep clean the kitchen

Enhance your typical kitchen cleaning routine with these simple steps. Start by scrubbing down and cleaning out your fridge and freezer. Next, tackle those appliances you never get around to cleaning: the oven, the toaster, your espresso machine, the list goes on! Finish off with your basic kitchen cleaning routine: wipe down the countertops, clean the stovetop, mop the floor, etc.

Tuesday: Breeze over your bathroom

Go beyond your typical bathroom wipedown this week and be clean where you get clean! Clear out and replace any old or unused toiletries, give your bathroom appliances some extra love with a thorough scrub down, remove any dust from surfaces, and cleanse the floors. End off by disinfecting and updating any bathroom accessories.

Wednesday: Tidy up the bedrooms

Spring cleaning the bedrooms in your household consists of dusting off and wiping down furniture, flipping your mattresses and refreshing your bedding, and cleaning your mirrors. Finish off by decluttering, and then spruce up your space with some decorative pillows, throw blankets, or maybe a candle to keep your bedrooms smelling great!

Thursday: Liven up your living area

To refresh your living room for the new season, start by dusting all those surfaces you never get to and clearing out any unnecessary items. Refresh your furniture, give your hardwood floors a proper mop down, and even shampoo and steam your rugs if you have time. Wrap up by rearranging your furniture to start off the season with a fresh, new ambiance.

Friday: Wipe down your windows

Be honest. When was the last time you cleaned all the windows in your home? Break out the Windex, get rid of all of those window smudges, and watch how much even the smallest of spring cleaning tasks can refresh your space.

Saving the hardest for last (and your day off)

Time to tackle your storage spaces piled up with items you haven’t touched in years. As hard as it can be to say goodbye, it’s time to part ways with your clutter, making for a minimalistic, revitalized, space. From your food pantry to your closets, to your garage, take today to clear out all the buildup clutter in your home. End off your storage cleanout day by piling everything you’re getting rid of into donation boxes and head over to your local shelter, community center, or thrift store.

Spring cleaning can seem daunting at first, but when you split it up and take it day by day, you will refresh your home in no time. Whether you want to dedicate a whole day to cleaning, do a few hours after work for a week, or 30 minutes a day for a month, use this challenge as a guide to find the spring cleaning timeline that works best for you.

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