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Here’s What We’re Ordering from Amazon to Be Our Best Bosses in 2024

This year, we’re honing into our powerhouse leader selves and crushing our goals! Whether you’re an inspiring freelancer, running a side hustle, or managing your empire, boosting your productivity is key, and Amazon has the tools you need! Get ready to live up to the “best boss” title with these essential items you need for 2024.

Ember Mug
Goodbye to lukewarm coffee! The Ember Mug keeps your drink at the perfect temperature all day long. No more microwave dashes or lukewarm disappointment – just pure, focused sipping as you strategize your next move.

Desk Organizer
Procrastination thrives in chaos. Take a look at this stylish desk organizer and do away with the clutter! You’ll be ready to tackle any to-do list with a sense of peace from an organized environment.

Wireless Charging Stand
Cords equal clutter. In 2024, dead phones are out, and wireless chargers are in. Better yet, take advantage of Apple’s new IOS update that introduces the Standby feature. Turn your phone into your new customized desktop clock.

Amazon Echo
Switch to paperless planning! Echo can be your new 24/7 digital personal assistant! Set reminders, schedule meetings, create shopping lists, and even dictate notes or brainstorm ideas. Echo can do it all for you!

Desk Calendar
It’s important to visualize your goals so we can ensure we’re completing them! Write down appointments, deadlines, and goals, and watch how you crush your achievements this year!

Business Card Holder
Even in the modern era of digital connectivity, first impressions count. A chic business card holder gives your workplace a polished look and conveys to others that you mean business.

Motivational Book
Equip yourself with scientifically proven techniques for forming positive habits and kicking negative ones. James Clear’s book, Atomic Habits, outlines the Four Laws of Behavior Change and shows you how to make tiny adjustments that have a big impact. One tiny habit at a time: overcome procrastination, increase productivity, and accomplish your goals.

Remember, being your own boss is about more than just tools. It all comes down to your mindset, attitude, and action. However, the road to success can be much easier if you have the right tools. Conquer your goals this year with the help of these items!

Hailing all the way from Portland, Oregon, Alyssa Camp joined the dynamic world of the Quotable Media Co team. When she’s not researching or brainstorming, you can find her diving into a new book or uncovering Boston’s hidden gems.

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