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Creating a Pitch from Existing Content

I know you’re already creating a ton of content

between social media posts, blog posts, things you’re talking to people about, things you’re putting on your website, etc. In this week’s episode I dive into how there are things that you can use when you don’t know what to pitch next. We all know that repurposing content is something to do when it comes to social media or your other marketing material, so I just want to take that one step farther and open your eyes to how you can also use it for your PR!

Listen in to hear more about how you can create your next media pitch from content you’ve already created. “You already have the actual content written so you can actually take sentences from your social media caption or from your blog post and use those to back up the information in your pitch or to back up your pitch angle.”

In this episode you will hear

-How to repurpose your Instagram content for PR
-Why it’s important to discover what topics resonate with your audience
-How repurposing content boosts your credibility
-Ways to figure out the theme of your content without a strategy already in place
-How to find your next pitch angle- from content you’ve already created

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listen to the episode

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