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Choosing Success As A Creative with ‘Artpreneur’ Author Miriam Schulman

When Miriam Schulman, an artist who was told she couldn’t make a living from her craft,

was confronted with the same false narrative in 2020, she embarked on a journey to prove it wrong and write the book, “Artpreneur,” a guide to making a living from creative ideas, and inspire others to do the same.

For this week’s episode I got to sit down with Miriam to hear about her journey as an artist and author of her soon to be released book. She has made her living as a portrait artist for 20 years and is passionate about helping others to believe in themselves and their creative ideas.

“Choose to be whatever it is that you want to be in your life. You choose it. So if you say you are an artist, then you can work for you.” – Miriam Schulman

In this episode, you will learn the following:

–How to make a living from one’s creative ideas.
–The importance of believing in yourself, what you are offering, and your buyer.
–Leveraging online marketing strategies to build an email list and make a successful business.

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Connect with Miriam:


Instagram: @schulmanart

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