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BTS of My Business Goals & Intentions for 2023

In this week’s episode I wanted to share a behind the scenes look into what I’m planning

for the new year and what my intentions, word of the year, and goals are for 2023. I always love when other people share things like that, so I thought I would do it too for those of you who like that behind the scenes look at someone else’s business.

If you’re listening for the first time, I’m Alessandra, the founder of Quotable Media Co, a PR and media agency, and the host of this- the Quotable Podcast. I started this podcast as a way to connect with and inspire other female entrepreneurs, founders, and business owners.  After being in business for 10 years, and having to take my office fully remote after Covid, I am proud to have gotten this far even with the shifts in my business model that took place. The beginning of the year always energizes me to set my intentions and goals for the year, so I wanted to share mine with you, as I recalibrate my priorities. Listen in to hear the things I am planning to work on this year and hopefully be inspired to set some of your own intentions and goals this year too.

If there’s one thing I am adamant about it’s that I love setting goals and planning them and working toward them. I also find it really important to revisit them regularly and ensure they are still working toward what you want for your life or your business, because that does sometimes change and that is allowed to change, even within one year. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why I’m planning my goals around different parts of the year
  • What it means to amplify and how I plan to do that this year
  • Ways I’m planning to improve and prioritize profitability this year

listen to the episode

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