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What It Means to Be Moment-Driven

As the world gets back to normal it’s important to remember that we are not the same people we were before the pandemic changed everything in March 2020. The way we work has changed, we value our health like never before and we have been able to reevaluate what truly matters in our lives. One of the most detrimental losses during our months (and months) of quarantine was the personal connections that we had previously taken for granted. While we may have appreciated family reunions or laughing with friends at crowded restaurants, we never anticipated the pain of that being taken away. 

But now that we truly understand that face-to-face connection is a luxury (bye Zoom) this revelation is something that we should not just leave at home, but bring to the workplace as well. The importance of connection should be reflected in every industry, but especially in photography. 

At Revealing the Narrative we have always stressed the importance of capturing those breathtakingly personal moments that go on during a wedding, but now it’s more important than ever. Many people are understanding what we’ve been saying all along: that what’s important to photograph isn’t necessarily the bride’s dress or the rings, but the moments between people (and we believe it so much we made a whole course about building a moment-driven photography business). In the world post-COVID-19, the image that is the most valuable to the married couple is one that shows the hug between a grandmother and a grandchild who haven’t seen each other in over a year. Or maybe it’s the way that people are able to dance together unapologetically and safely with no masks on. It’s the way that people are able to be together, after a reality that split us all apart for so long. 

As photographers, we are lucky to work through a creative medium that allows us to naturally put an emphasis on personal connection, and we think it’s something other business owners will benefit from going forward as well. This may be more challenging for traditional businesses that don’t have the same flexibility that a camera does. That doesn’t mean that pushing for personal connection shouldn’t be pursued by other business owners, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Your employees want to feel connected to your company or business now more than ever. They’ve pushed through working throughout a pandemic and as we return to normalcy they want to experience those personal connections again. While this might not necessarily include a return to the office quite yet, there are still ways for you to create an environment of connection within your business. 

If businesses strive to add a conscious personal touch to their company culture then employees and clients or customers will feel more seen and acknowledged, leading to a stronger sense of connection. This can be done by sending employees flowers on their birthdays or giving them company swag when they join the team. If you want to go the non-materialistic route make sure to engage your clients in conversations about their lives, their families, and anything else they’re interested in before jumping into the nitty-gritty of a meeting. There are always ways to insert a little extra connection and an emphasis on being personal throughout your work, and that’s what people really respond to. We encourage all business owners to look for these moments and opportunities to create this connection every day. Everyone wants to be seen as holistic people with interests and these attempts at personalization will keep you in touch with the times and make all the people you work with feel connected to each other and to your brand.

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Revealing the Narrative is a photography education company created by GINA BROCKER and ANGIE BONIN that provides a path forward to new and struggling photographers as they create a sustainable and fulfilling moment driven photography business by eliciting human connection. Find it at You can also hear Gina and Angie on a recent episode of Quotable: a female millennial entrepreneur podcast!

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