Helping Photographers Create a Thriving Business

I’m excited to welcome two guests today, Gina Brocker and Angie Bonin.

Gina and Angie are both wedding photographers and now educators who just launched Revealing the Narrative, a new course for photographers to learn how to create a successful photography business by focusing on what brings them fulfillment and joy. This is such a great conversation around not only photography but also business in general. We dive into the importance of defining what success is for yourself and showing up authentically to attract your ideal clients. Because ultimately being successful isn’t just how much money you are making or how many clients you have, it is about creating a business and life you love.

Listen in to hear how they started their own photography businesses and about the course they created together!

In this episode, you will hear:

-The different ways Gina and Angie started their photography businesses
-When they actually felt successful with their business
-How their businesses stand out because they are focusing on what brings them joy and fulfillment
-How and why they decided to create a photography course together
-What they wish they had known before starting and advice for entrepreneurs

Right now, they’re offering a GIVEAWAY of the full course for one lucky winner! Go to revealingthenarrative.com and enter through the popup that will come up when you get to the site.

Thanks so much for listening!

Connect with Gina and Angie and learn more about Revealing the Narrative:

Website- https://revealingthenarrative.com/
Email- revealingthenarrative@gmail.com
Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/revealingthenarrative/
Find their Facebook group on their Contact Page of their website- https://revealingthenarrative.com/get-in-touch/

listen to the episode:

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