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The Best Podcast Pitches I’ve Gotten Recently

This week I am diving into some of my favorite podcast pitches that I’ve received recently,

what made them stand out, and what you can learn from them. As a PR agency owner and the host of the Quotable Podcast, I not only send pitches for clients, but receive podcast pitches regularly. I wanted to share a little about being on the receiving end of a pitch and how that can impact the way you send your pitches, and achieve the positive responses you’re looking for.

In this episode you will hear:

-Ways to make your pitches stand out
-How to clarify your pitch
-Why writing a review matters
-Ways to build a relationship in your pitch
-Which marketing materials help you stand out

I would love to hear how this helped you! Comment on this episode’s Instagram post and share how you’re going to make your next pitch stand out. If you have any other tips or ideas leave a comment under the post for this episode on our Instagram page @quotablemediaco or shoot me a DM. You can also connect with us at our new Quotable Magazine Instagram account @quotablemagazine

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