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How To Actually Stick To Your Resolutions This Year

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world, we can always count on one thing, New Year’s resolutions.

We either love them, loathe them, or let go of them by March.

Whether it’s the “75 Hard,” journaling every day, or never letting a load of laundry go unfolded, we set big goals before us as New Year’s Eve approaches. These resolutions can feel daunting, as 365 days of discipline and difficulty sit before you. At this point, New Year’s resolutions do not hold the same respect they used to, and this is because of the lack of follow-through. We all ask the question, “Why do we set these large goals to better ourselves, then give up on them when it gets difficult?” Learning how to set goals and stick to them is a useful and important skill in order to succeed in any area of life. Here are five ways to actually get to 2025 saying, “I completed my New Year’s resolution.”

Set the resolutions you’re actually wanting to work towards.

It’s easy to set a goal for yourself because you know it is something you should be doing, but usually, we are our own greatest obstacle when it comes to discipline. It is important to check in with yourself and ask, “Do I actually want to do this?” If that answer is a truthful no, then the next thing to ask might be, “Is there something I can do to switch my mindset to want this?” If that answer is still a no, it might be time to find a new goal worth setting that your mind is 100 percent devoted to.

Quantify your resolutions.

Resolutions can seem like a very overwhelming idea, especially if there is no finish line or numeric basis to go off of! It’s all about creating measurable, but achievable goals. For example, tell yourself, “I’d like to hit 500 Instagram followers by March 31, 1000 by July 31, and 2000 by December 31.” Quantifying your resolutions – whether it be through followers, revenue, or steps walked per day – brings a big idea to a smaller, more attainable level. Create a reward once you hit each of these milestones. Because if you don’t enjoy it or treat yourself with kindness, burnout could creep in faster than you think.

Recognize that setbacks are normal and never, ever expect perfection.

Expecting to work towards a certain resolution perfectly every single day can also lead to major burnout. Having grace towards yourself allows for setbacks to become ways of learning. It’s all about discipline and remembering your why, not about perfection and 100% motivation all the time. One of the best things you can do for yourself in order to grow is to analyze your setbacks so you may know areas you have more room to improve in. I promise you, the people you see crushing their business goals on Instagram are making mistakes too.

Tell other people about your resolutions.

Accountability is key. Letting outside people in on your big goals and accomplishments is a great way to make your New Year’s resolutions a real, attainable thing! Tell them to check in with you about your progress. This way, your resolutions can’t get lost in the busyness of life, and those around you can be just as excited for you as you are! Having a supportive circle around you to push you towards success is so important.

Tell yourself that you actually CAN do it!

The way you speak to yourself holds substantial amounts of power over personal determination and self-confidence. Even if you don’t believe it, telling yourself that you can puts you in a much better position to put in the work toward any resolution. Negativity never produces positive progress, so why set yourself 10 steps back? Start training your brain to preach positivity. Half of your resolution is belief in yourself and your ability to take on such a challenge, no matter how big or small.

Whatever your New Year’s resolution may be, we hope you take these tips and put them into play. Believe in yourself, be willing to put in the hard work, and be kind to yourself in every setback or achievement. Start by writing down how you can implement each of these tips into every one of your New Year’s resolutions, and come back to it in December being so proud of how far you’ve come. Need help on where to begin setting your resolutions? Check out this article to kickstart your list, because it’s never too late. You can do this!

Lauren is passionate about all things creative, whether it be her professional photography business, digital design, or just reading a great book. She is an avid writer and editor who loves dissecting culture, health, and overall personal wellness. Find more about Lauren at @laurenbinghamphoto on Instagram.

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