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Financial Literacy Month Inspiration from Quotable

As we close out Financial Literacy month we wanted to highlight some of our favorite articles & episodes featuring women in finance from Quotable Magazine and the Quotable Podcast. If you’re looking to up your finance game personally or in your business, we have interviewed women that are making it happen and we know you can too. We even have some helpful tips and roundups to help you reach all of your finance goals this year.

In Quotable Magazine:

Financial Tips for 2023

Dr. Ann Kaplan, founder of iFinance walks us through Top Finance Tips for Business Owners, the Financial DO’s and DON’TS During a Recession, How to Protect Your Finances During Inflation, and Investment Tips for 2023. Read the article to see these first hand tips from a powerful woman in finance.

Getting Started with Ethical Investing

At college campuses around the country, environmental activists have been pushing their universities to invest ethically by “divesting” from fossil fuels. By divesting, or removing investments from companies using fossil fuels, universities are partaking in a form of ethical investing. There are two main approaches to investing ethically — one allows for more flexibility on exactly what ethical standards you are utilizing and the other adheres to a widely accepted ethical framework. Read more to decide which method is right for you.

Fran Hauser’s Tips on Beginning an Investing Career

Bestselling author and business advisor, Fran Hauser, added “startup investing” to her portfolio, rapidly turning this role into a prominent aspect of her career. Her growth as an investor is evident through all her expertise, which we’ve asked her to share for those who just need a little push to support female entrepreneurs in launching their dreams into businesses. Read the Interview to learn more about her journey and get firsthand tips from a successful female investor.

Palak Shah and the BRRRR difference for Real Estate Investment

Palak Shah, like so many new moms, was struggling with balancing her corporate job with family time. The desire to feel empowered and spend time the way she wanted pushed her into the realm of real estate investing, where she was able to replicate her six-figure income! Read the interview to see her journey into real estate investing and get the scoop on some of the methods that have helped her to build her $10M real estate portfolio.

Nine of the Best Budgeting Apps to Help Handle Your Finances

It is time women take a stand and own their money to close this unnerving gender gap in financial literacy, starting with budgeting apps. What is a budgeting app? A way to help women optimize their spending and saving choices. There are hundreds of budgeting applications that allow one to meticulously organize their financial commitments and goals in one place. Read the article to see which of these 9 apps is the best fit for your finance goals this year.

On the Quotable Podcast:

Tune in to these episodes of the Quotable Podcast for even more inspiration from women making it happen in finance:

So whether you’re hoping to grow your business or see growth in your personal finances, I think we can all agree that you have to first find the right method for you. Every strategy or investment type is going to be different depending on your experience and goals, so we hope that reading and listening to different perspectives from women making it happen now will give you some guidance and inspiration into discovering what will work best for you too.

Bianca is a member of the Quotable Media Co team. She’s also a Motherhood and Lifestyle content creator & mom of 4 that shares life and style tips for new moms. You can see more from her at and on her Instagram @keepcoolb.

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