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Nine of the Best Budgeting Apps to Help Handle Your Finances

Women have always been discouraged from handling their finances. Why? Because of a ridiculous myth that women are bad with money, and an even bigger myth that this is a man’s world. It is time women take a stand and own their money to close this unnerving gender gap in financial literacy, starting with budgeting apps.

What is a budgeting app? A way to help women optimize their spending and saving choices. There are hundreds of budgeting applications that allow one to meticulously organize their financial commitments and goals in one place. Here are 9 to get you started:


Mint is on every best finance apps list for its free-of-cost, simple user experience. If you’re a novice budgeter, this is a great app to help you track your spending based on your income, desired savings, and potential investments. More so, if you file your taxes with TurboTax then Mint will already have insights into your finances because it is a product of Intuit.


Wally, one of the most popular personal finance apps, is overflowing with useful features that keep users on track of their budgeting. With the ability to sync your bank accounts, create customized budgets, scan receipts, and more, this free-to-use application is a steadfast way to enter the world of managing money. Not only is Wally simple to navigate, but it is also embedded with a plethora of information broken down into absorbable sections. Entering and tracking expenses with the click of a button, shopping lists that help you avoid impulse buys, and a colorful interface: what more could a girl want?


Spendio is another simplified budget tracker that focuses on saving towards your personal goals. An appealing feature on this app is an easy to read line chart that will track your expenses as they fluctuate, essentially creating your own stock market report. For those saving up for a Caribbean vacation, a new car, or even a sexy new jacket, Spendio is a great (and free) way to track your progress towards any goals.


Monny, full of whimsical and radiant pastel hues, makes you feel like managing finances is just another creative activity. In other words, if you love scrapbooking then this is the budgeting app for you.

This free-of-cost platform displays users’ expenses and charts with flamboyant flair, truly softening the dreadful burden of budgeting, and maybe the bad news that you’ve spent way too much again. And, you guessed it, Monny has its own Bunny: the app’s mascot that motivates you to meet various financial targets.


YNAB, also known as You Need A Budget, may not attempt to sugarcoat unpleasant money situations, but it definitely does its job in educating women about prioritizing and planning their finances. YNAB is free for the first 30 days, then $16.48 for every month after. It is equipped with a straightforward interface, allowing users to list various activities and items that need budgeting accompanied by a set column to indicate how much is truly available for each. For those who require a firm hand to maintain financial stability, this is the budgeting platform for you.


Mindfulness is a necessity in all parts of life, including personal finance. Zenmoney applies the practice of Zen to budgeting, with a mission to give users a feeling of security and confidence in their money managing abilities. The app itself employs a clean, white background to elicit a sense of calm as one accepts their finances. Zenmoney is full of helpful features like a receipt scanner, report sharing, setting individual budgets, and, most importantly, gaining awareness about one’s expenses. And, it’s free!


When it comes to financial technology—also known as fintech for the savvy people—made for women by women, Ellevest is one of the most celebrated ways to go. Built with a subscription platform, this app allows users to do more than just budgeting. Not only does Ellevest give women a chance to organize their finances, but it goes the extra few miles and offers retirement planning recommendations, an in-app savings account, webinars, workshops, one-on-one finance coaching and more. Talk about some well rounded financial stability!

Your Juno

Your Juno, another female founded application, is lesser-known in the fintech space but provides users with a fresh approach to women’s personal finance. Based in London, this platform’s mission is to educate women and non-binary individuals on all things money. It’s time to permanently erase the idea that women aren’t capable of handling their accounts because guess what: we are.

Your Juno works to empower users to tackle their finances head-on. Equipped with bite-sized lessons on the basics of personal finances, this app offers a community space where users can ask questions then apply their knowledge as they organize their money.


Financielle, a female-focused finance app, aims to help women get on top of their money with a variety of features ranging from articles about boosting monthly income to podcasts to setting financial goals. Users are welcome to post personal experiences of money problems, advice, questions, and more, creating a sense of community for those in line to learn effective budgeting, build savings, and work towards various monetary goals.

It is time to let go of the ludicrous claims that women lack financial awareness, and instead time for us to grab our money by a bundle of bills to enter the beautiful world of budgeting.

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