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Dressing for Your Personal Brand Images

Today, everyone is in the business of personal brand building and one of the ways we show up to share our stories and expertise is through brand photography. Entrepreneurs and executives need to continuously evolve their image. Thought leaders understand they must show up online as experts in their respective fields and that social authority can move the needle. Your brand is not just about what you do, but also about who you are – and what you wear says something about both. So in today’s world, some argue your online presence is just as important as your offline presence.

Many professionals stress the importance of wardrobe as part of the overall outcome of the shoot, including Boston-based photographer Dina Konovalov. “Style is the extension of your business; in networking events, speaking engagements, and of course, in photos” she explains, “what my clients wear creates the presence of themselves and how confident and secure they are showing up to their shoots”. As she’s done work across a variety of industries, Dina explains how one should put time into thoughtful style choices. “It’s important to bring out the unique features about their particular business and brand. The key to great shots is to see who the person really is.” With most of her clients using photography across multiple marketing channels and social media, Dina shares, “it’s all about perception online – so how you dress is a reflection of how you want to be seen in this world.”

Even when you have a full vision for your photoshoot, preparing for it can feel daunting when you start breaking down photographer selection, props, backdrop, poses, and wardrobe choices. And we all know that the moment you step in front of the camera can bring out a whole lot of nerves on top of it. What I’ve found so transformative about clothing is that people can go from unsure and timid into powerhouses on set just by switching up an outfit. So when it comes to working with clients, I often get the question “what should I wear in my photos?” Here is a breakdown of some of my top styling tips and considerations.

When it comes to photoshoot styling, there are multiple elements that go into putting together the right looks. I suggest starting with how you want to be seen. If you plan on doing your own styling, where and how you will use the photos can play a big factor. Consider if this is part of a foundational shoot that will be evergreen to your brand or one that is more seasonal in nature. Also, remember who your target audience is and how you want them to feel when they see the photos. Are you going for a fashion-forward look or a more modern and minimalist one? Something edgy or powerful? Choosing outfits and accessories that fit into your story can be a very powerful tool. Everyone has their own narrative to convey and understanding this will help give direction when making selections.

In a sea of images online, remember this is your opportunity to make a statement. Predictable and safe equals forgettable. Try to find something that is bold and unique to you and think outside the box. Even if you don’t want to be too adventurous, simple enhancements like adding a hat, belt, or some layered jewelry can bring together your looks. Mix luxury and vintage, classic and trendy, or casual and dressy pieces for more visual interest and something a little more unexpected.

Location is also key. Do you plan to shoot outside or inside? What will the lighting be like? The scene needs to be in consideration and should influence what you wear. The same outfit can feel very different outside around nature, in a studio, or in an office setting. And a full white suit set against a plain white backdrop may get lost in the photo, for example. Whether you want to make your looks pop or appear more subdued is an aesthetic preference, but either way, it will ultimately impact the feel of the photo. Regardless, you want to make sure your clothing complements your setting.

It’s certainly essential that clothing aligns with your brand message and setting, but what’s the most important part? YOU. You will always feel the most confident on set that day wearing pieces that truly make you feel the best. Planning out your looks in advance with a strategy allows you to get real about what truly complements your personality, body, and coloring. I see people struggle in this area all the time because often we just don’t know what looks best on us. Don’t try to hide behind baggy clothing or just resort to “basic black”. However, before you go shopping for new outfits, go into your closet, pull out your favorite three to five pieces, and ask yourself why you like them. Or look at your most loved pictures of yourself in past outfits and see if there is some commonality between them. Is it because you’re in a lot of bold colors and bring out your darker features? Or does a certain cut tend to flatter your shape? For you to love your images, wearing clothing that reflects your core style and compliments you is a must. Projecting your most authentic energy in front of the camera will always give your branding photos the most longevity.

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Image Credits: Mariah Gale Creative

AMANDA VARGUS is the CEO and founder of Wave + Woven, a Boston-based personal styling service. Before forming her business, she managed hundreds of clients at The RealReal, the largest luxury resale e-commerce company in the US. While there she developed a deep knowledge of fashion, brands, and retailers and set out to take her passion to the next level in her venture. Having both a background in fashion and business, Amanda understands the importance of developing a strong personal brand through style and how this can impact success both personally and professionally. Specializing in private styling and wardrobe curation for executives and entrepreneurs, her fashion-forward vision has made Amanda a recognizable talent and tastemaker for her clients in Boston and beyond.

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