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A Day in the Life: Amanda Vargus

From morning routines to afternoon workflows, our Day in the Life series gives us a peek into fellow female entrepreneur’s day-to-day lives. Join us for today’s feature – offering an intimate look at the challenges, triumphs, and routines that fuel success in every area of life for this week’s founder.

Tell us about your business- what type of work do you do?

I’m a personal stylist and founder and creative director of Wave and Woven style house.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning? How do you start your day?

I try to meditate before my son gets up, have coffee, do the school drop off thing and then exercise. Movement always sparks my creativity and gets my brain going for me.

How do you organize your work day?

I try to block off certain days for internal work, calls etc. I prefer to have clients Wednesday through Friday. I also work on social media and content typically at night after my son goes to bed along with any writing I need to do, because I do find myself more creative and less tactical or analytical during the evenings. It’s what works for me!

Do you have a team? If so, how do you work together?

My team is growing this year, so I will be figuring this out! I will have a team of part-time stylists along with my content marketing team and interns. I am so excited to kick off our work together with a massive brainstorm day, and then we will do a lot of our ongoing work together virtually or with clients.

Walk us through the rest of your day, either hour by hour, or whatever chunks of time make sense.

I dedicate a certain amount of time each week to business development, networking, writing, industry research and trends, taking consult calls, handling clients, internal meetings, and more. Every day is different, but I prefer more administrative and internal meetings at the beginning of each week and more client-related meetings towards the end.

What do you do after work?

I typically make dinner for my son and I, help him with homework, read, snuggle and bed. If I do go out, I love meeting my friends in Boston for dinner or networking with other women in business! Being around like-minded ladies is so inspiring.

Tell us about your evening routine.

My evening routine is a lot less structured than the mornings. I do a lot of creative work in the evenings if I’m not too tired after I put my son to bed. I might read or do research or shop for clients as well. I am not a big TV gal and am totally out of the loop on the latest Netflix binge!

How do you practice self-care?

I try to meditate every morning and/or evening. I exercise and switch things up between running, spin classes and pilates to keep it fresh. I also love to get in walks outside with fresh air and sunlight during the day where I can listen to other entrepreneurs share their stories via podcast or audiobooks. I’m also working on getting back into my daily gratitude practice of journaling this year.

What do you look forward to most every day?

I truly love what I do. All the back end stuff you do to run the business is the sacrifice I make for making my clients feel empowered through their wardrobe and clothing. There is no better feeling than to see someone put something on and their whole personal changes and they light up.

What are your tips for work/life balance?

I think balance is a hard thing for us to always achieve, if I’m being honest. What I will say as a single mother is that everything always needs and demands my attention. Some days I am leaning into my son more, or my business more or even myself. I let myself feel when things aren’t aligned and I may be spending too much time on a work project for example. And then I make sure to re-adjust and prioritize things like spending time with my son or self-care. Time is precious, so I try to make sure I am spending it with the right people who fill me up everyday.

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