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6 Black Women-Owned Businesses You Need to Know About

Here at Quotable, we are all about supporting women in all kinds of businesses, from all different backgrounds. We’ve had the honor and privilege of speaking with some of the most inspiring women in business and we wanted to highlight some of our favorite Quotable Magazine features as we close out Black Business Month.

Here are some of the most inspiring black women-owned businesses that deserve your attention:

Bazodee Foods

Inspired by their rich Venezuelan, Trinidadian and Caribbean roots, founders Auntie Mavis, Debra and Kiah Sandler birthed “Bazodee Foods” from their own family’s line of traditions, recipes and heritage. While three generations of strong women stand behind the enterprise, the iconic, robust flavors and seasonings from the Caribbean have been passed down from generation to generation, taking these tastes to new countries, from Venezuela to the United States. Today you can purchase these delicious sauces and get inspired to connect with your own roots and enjoy a delectable meal with your family. We sat down with Debra Sandler, one of the women who make up the Bazodee enterprise. She shared with us some of her inspirations, experience behind the brand and deep-rooted family memories…read more.

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D. Foster Marketing

Does the idea of navigating a spreadsheet send you into a cold sweat? If you find yourself without a calculator and faced with long division, do you get short of breath? If you answered yes to any degree, you are likely someone who is not particularly fond of numbers. But, they are an integral element of generating successful practices in business. So, you need to crunch the numbers yet don’t know where to begin, and are without a corporate coworker to assist you. This is where consultation comes into play. Dawn Foster saw the importance of such services and founded her own marketing consulting business, D. Foster Marketing. We asked her to help break down how to identify and analyze the important numbers…read more.

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Remi TV

Remi TV is a talk show that was created by Remi Jones to strengthen the Black and brown communities by giving guests and audience members freedom of expression through music, dance and conversation. In Providence, Rhode Island, African Americans only represent 17% of the population.The show features a mix of local and national musical artists and entertainers, and has become a “go-to” in Providence. It also highlights positive stories and conversations from business owners, artists and celebrities in the community…read more.

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Brown & Coconut

Over the shrieks and laughs of their respective children, sisters Letisha and Zeena Brown explained to us over the phone how they began Brown & Coconut, their vegan, plant-based skincare brand based on the idea of minimalism when it comes to products and the ingredients inside them. The sisters are open about the fact that the company was born from the struggles they both faced with acne throughout their lives and, how despite trying most skincare products on shelves, they weren’t finding anything that worked. The items were either too expensive for two college students juggling student loans, or too harsh, making their severe acne worsen…read more.

Satrell Beauty

Nichole Wright is a finance professional, wife, mom, and entrepreneur, from Charlotte, North Carolina. She founded Satrell Beauty to bring beauty products that are free from harsh chemicals to all individuals, and to make everyone feel beautiful in their own skin. We talked to her about what it was like breaking into the beauty business, how coming from a family of entrepreneurs influenced her, and how she makes it all happen…read more.

Grow By Three

Kelsea Médard is the founder of Grow By Three, a consulting firm working to make society and workplaces more equitable. She’s a passionate and inspiring advocate and leader, and we asked her about what we as business owners should be keeping in mind when it comes to DEI in our own organizations, and about what entrepreneurship has been like for her…read more.

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