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Your Period is Your Business Superpower

How much time do we spend fighting our bodies’ natural cycles in the name of productivity? If you’re a woman in charge, then our guess is a lot. So much of the time we feel guilty for the way hormones affect us, instead of choosing to work with them. We spoke to Brittany Reid, founder of Cyclical Living, who has built a business that supports women entrepreneurs who desire to step into a deeper space of leadership by connecting back to their period cycles for some insight into how we can start working with our cycles to optimize our business strategies.

Aligning your business plans and strategies with your period cycle can help you to avoid burnout as an entrepreneur and even prevent health issues, according to Reid. She tells us that she gets more work done in less time and the work she completes is of higher quality because her body is the foundation. Women try so hard to perform, get so much done, and keep going every single day and it’s just not the truth of how our body works. Then we are left with self doubt, frustration, and the feeling that we ‘can’t keep up’. In reality, we have peaks and valleys over the course of the month, whereas men’s hormones repeat every 24 hours so they can carry on the same productivity and capacity as yesterday. Women aren’t built like that– which is our superpower! Reid reminds us that our hormones are happening for us and not to us. “This is a massive shift in the way I show up as a woman because we have been taught the opposite. To perform, shove it all away, disregard our body’s brilliance, and keep carrying on. My business has only improved in all areas because I am optimizing my work through working WITH my hormones.”

Using your body’s natural cycles can help business owners to not only see results, but to also feel better while achieving those goals. We asked Reid to share the steps she uses to help female entrepreneurs align their businesses with their cycles.

Step 1: Track & Heal Your Cycle

The very first step is to start tracking your cycle and work towards healing any hormonal imbalances. Tracking your cycle will be the foundation for aligning your business with your cycle.

Step 2: Define Your Cyclical Blueprint

The second step is to define your cyclical blueprint through understanding what is happening in your body at different phases of your cycle in relation to business tasks and mental requirements for strategy vs creativity. This blueprint will guide you in your decision making and planning.

Step 3: Align & Optimize Your Business Plans

The next step is to begin aligning the two based on what needs to be tweaked in your business to become optimized and/or the launches/offers you want to bring to life. When you understand the energy shifts happening in your cycle, you can begin to plan your strategies and tasks around your energy levels, and make changes where necessary.

Step 4: Stay in Harmony withYour Cycle

The final step is to always stay in harmony with your cycle at every stage of your business operations and launches by continuing to put steps 1-3 into practice.

When we begin to leverage our own natural rhythms, we have the possibility to truly transform our lives and businesses. Reid encourages us to, “Recognize you’re a cyclical woman and you were never built to be on all the time.” If women can begin to use their energy shifts week to week, instead of fighting against them, then they will feel truly aligned and see better results in their business efforts. Be intentional about staying connected to your body’s cues, so that you can follow your own natural rhythm, making your cycle your business superpower.

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