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Why You Need to Go Outside More

Every day it seems to get warmer and sunnier, adding to the frustration that comes along with feeling chained to your desk inside all day. Sure, maybe you’re lucky and have a view of the summer paradise that is unfolding in front of you from your workstation, but it still pales in comparison to sitting on the beach with a chilled beverage of your choice in hand (for legal reasons let’s say mine is an iced tea but for you, it may be a margarita perhaps). 

While your summer may include a busier schedule than your pre-professional life, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the weather and outdoor opportunities that the season brings. Not only does it generally feel amazing to change up your scenery and get some fresh air, but it also has plenty of scientific benefits. According to Mental Floss, being outside can help with your creativity (writer’s block who?), give you a healthy helping of Vitamin D and provide a much-needed energy boost. This probably isn’t news to you; we’ve all been taught that going outside is one of the best pastimes since we were little kids. So why can’t you seem to make going outside a priority in your life? Maybe because relaxing by sitting inside binging a TV show feels like the easier option or because we struggle to leave our laptop behind. 

This summer, try these tips to maximize your time outside: 


This is by far the most self-explanatory solution to getting outside more while simultaneously meeting your deadlines and making your Zoom calls. Sit on your deck, lawn, patio or just on the blacktop outside of your home. Do whatever you can to spend more of your day outside. If you have nowhere to sit outside, open a window and enjoy that sweet sweet breeze! 


This will benefit not only you, but your coworkers who are also longingly staring out their windows. Instead of scheduling a Zoom on a particularly beautiful day go on a walk with a coworker, over the phone. I promise you can still get work done while strolling through your neighborhood soaking up the sun.  


Lunch is a perfect time to escape the grasp of your computer because most people will also be taking a much-needed break. Take this time to unplug and spend some time with those in your house while fueling yourself with a nutritious meal (or a burger, I don’t judge). 


Having something to look forward to has proven to be especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you simply cannot spare a second to get outside at work during the week take a glimpse at the weather for the weekend and plan accordingly. Whether it’s a beach trip, a walk around a local park or even just relaxing in your backyard, make sure to block out time for fresh air after the workweek. 



SYDNEY BERGAN is a member of the Quotable Magazine editorial team. When she’s not writing she’s probably talking about how much she loves Syracuse University, eating ice cream or biking.

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