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Why is it so hard to ask for HELP as a business owner?

It can be extremely challenging to ask for help as a female entrepreneur, and even more challenging to know the right time to do so. We spoke to international modeling coach and author, Angela “Stikks” Adams, who has been honored by BMW, endorsed by Shaquille O’Neal, and started a 6 figure business from scratch, while being a wife, mother of three, and homeschooling. She shared with us what she has learned about when to ask for help.

Here are 5 Crucial Signs It’s Time to Ask for Help according to Angela “Stikks” Adams.


When the tears start flowing, I know I need to connect back to life, reality, and support. One time I bombed a webinar that I spent hundreds of hours and dollars perfecting only for it to flop. My husband had to come pick me up from my office desk crying. Sometimes we get so caught up in the next project, the next level, the next new thing, that we forget to celebrate the now, and invite people to join us in creating the future. As a Founder, we can find ourselves building a lot, alone. Let’s search out people to build and create with.

Loss of Sleep!

I consider this dreaming about my company too. When my sleep is disrupted or consumed by company productivity, day to day demands, and bottom line thinking, I know I need to get help on remembering the WHY of my company. Proper support not only keeps you focused on what needs to be improved, but also shines light on the positive impact your company is already making, even if it’s just changing one life at a time. When you have the right perspective and help, you sleep at night.

Wasting Time!

You watched 40 hours of youtube and read 30 online articles about what you need help with, yet you still need help. It’s time to reach out and ask. Time is our greatest asset. Let’s not waste it on trying to figure out things people have already found the answer to.


All companies have dips. When you find yourself stuck in a dip, it’s not time to quit, it’s time to get help. A bad month, quarter, or year in the company doesn’t mean all is lost. I watched my company go from 6 figures, to negatives, back up to 6 figures, and that’s because I sought out help.

Feels Like Work!

If you’re no longer enjoying your work, it’s time to ask for help. Most likely, if your superpower is social media, you may need help in the accounting department. Or if you love numbers, you may need help with customer service. If you find there are aspects of your business you’re absolutely dreading, it is time to seek help.

Bottom line: If you are crying, exhausted, pressed for time, losing money, and feeling like your company is too much work, it’s time to ask for help!

Angela “Stikks” Adams is the CEO and Founder of Christian Models Association, a company that has helped over 1,000 women worldwide get started in the modeling industry. Find her at and

Now that we know when to ask for help, where do we start? We spoke with Min Tom, CEO and Founder of Happy Hong Konger and she shared her tips on how female founders can get ok with asking for help.

Establishing and operating a business can be both difficult and rewarding. But, as a female founder or CEO, you may have particular hurdles and impediments. It might be tough to confess when you want aid or support, but doing so is critical to the growth and success of your organization.

Begin small

Begin by asking for assistance with simple, low-stakes chores. This will help you gain confidence and demonstrate that asking for assistance is an expected part of the business process.

Appreciate the advantages

It is critical to grasp the advantages of seeking assistance. By requesting help, you may tap into the expertise of others, make better judgments, and prevent burnout.

Experiment with being vulnerable

It might be difficult to be vulnerable and confess that you don’t have all the answers, but it’s a vital part of asking for help. You may make deeper relationships with people and create possibilities for growth and learning by discussing your challenges and being upfront about the areas where you need help.

So now that we know when to ask and we’ve accepted that it’s ok to ask for help, we might be wondering what are the real benefits of seeking outside support. Min Tom also shared the good that comes from finally seeking help in areas you need support in.

Increasing trust

By requesting assistance, you indicate that you appreciate and trust the knowledge of others. This might help you create trust with colleagues and advisors.

Making new contacts

Seeking help facilitates the formation of new connections and partnerships. These connections may be quite beneficial as you advance in your profession and expand your business.

Discovering new possibilities

Seeking help can open up new doors and partnerships. Working with others may lead to the discovery of previously unseen ideas, opportunities, or markets.

A business incubator is a great location to get guidance and support as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs might benefit from mentorship, networking opportunities, and resources offered by business incubators. Access to office space, financial possibilities, and other resources to help your firm flourish are examples of these resources. Joining a professional association may also link you with other professionals in your sector as well as provide access to tools and assistance. Internet communities and forums are also excellent places to get advice and interact with other business owners. Business coaches and mentors can offer individual direction, support, and accountability. Education, networking, and company growth may all take place at networking events, conferences, and trade exhibits.

Min Tom is the CEO and Founder of Happy Hong Konger. The website offers accessible and easy-to-read reviews on the best services and products. Find it at

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