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Why Consistency is More Important than Passion

Consistency or Passion in your business

what is more important for you to have? I think it is consistency and am explaining ALL the reasons why in today’s episode. And while today’s topic might be a little controversial, I think we should be open to thinking and talking about it when it comes to our business.

Is being passionate about your business a good thing? Of course! Will you be passionate every single day, month, or year? Definitely not. Passion is great, but it comes and goes, so it doesn’t need to be the driving force behind your business. Consistency is what’s going to make you successful, get you through those tough times, and will be the reason why people believe in you and your business.
Having a business should definitely be something that you enjoy and are good at, and being passionate about it is a plus!, BUT consistency is what is going to keep that business going and set you up for success.

In this episode you will hear:

  • Why consistency is more important than passion when it comes to running a business
  • How passion could lead you down an unsuccessful road to never reaching your full potential
  • How being consistent will keep your business and clientele for the long haul

I would love to hear what you guys think! Do you agree? Disagree?

Head over to Instagram and let us know by commenting on this episode https://www.instagram.com/quotablemediaco/. Also, would love to hear about any personal experiences you’ve had! Whether you’ve been super passionate long term in your business, or if you felt your passion fade, did you stick with it or pivot?

listen to the episode:

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