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Ways to Feel the Love at Work This Valentine’s Day

As humans, we sometimes need an excuse to get something done: we use New Year’s resolutions to urge ourselves to implement new habits, we use Thanksgiving as an annual time to be grateful for the things we have, and we might use Christmas as a time to spend money.

Valentine’s Day is no different: a reason to spread love when we sometimes forget.

Of course spreading love is something we do in relationships, with friends and family, and hopefully to ourselves. But the workplace is another facet of your life that you should be feeling the love in, all year round.

This Valentine’s Day, try adding work to the list of places you let your love grow. Here are 6 ideas for how you can feel the love at work, even if that means virtually:

Hang Valentine’s Day Decor.

A simple way to get into the Valentine’s spirit is by making your space look and feel the part. A few colorful paper hearts or candies are a simple and fun way to celebrate the small things at work.

Check out this party pack of decor HERE!

Swap Valentines

Who didn’t enjoy sending and receiving valentines in elementary school?! Let’s bring this small gesture back by writing letters of appreciation or sending virtual cards to coworkers. Whether your workplace sets up an exchange or you choose to send notes on your own accord, the sentiment will surely be acknowledged. Maybe they’re anonymous or maybe you’re assigned to one peer to deliver to, but either way, this is a great way to show someone they are appreciated and loved.

Brainstorm all the things you love about your job

A quick and easy way for everyone at work to get into the Valentine’s spirit is to remind them why they love their career in the first place. Have a quick sit-down chat for everyone to make a list of the things they love most about their job. It can be as simple as “I love the flexible hours” or as sentimental as “I love the sense of purpose that my job grants me”. Whether they decide to share with the group or not is up to them, but writing down things we’re grateful for reminds us that work is more than just a daily chore.

Valentine’s Day Happy Hour

After a long day of work, a simple gathering for Valentine’s themed cocktails or mocktails is a great way to bond with your team and create a relationship outside of your work duties. If you’re in person, make a reservation at a fun location! If you’re on zoom, spice it up with a cocktail making activity, or sip on your favorite rose!

Create an after hours Zoom Valentine’s activity

If happy hour isn’t in the cards, try planning a fun activity to take everyone’s mind off of work and instead enjoy the small things in life. Some fun ideas might be Valentine’s trivia, Valentine’s bingo, or love song Karaoke! Whatever you choose, keep it lighthearted and create a time for relaxation and fun rather than thinking about the tasks you might be busy with tomorrow.

Bake a sweet treat for your coworkers

If you’re in the office, bring in a Valentine’s dessert for your fellow employees! If you’re remote, consider doing a holiday recipe swap!


If you implement one, all, or none of these ideas, keep in mind that every workplace should have a balance of professionalism, personal improvement, and fun. When you spend time every day with your coworkers, you should create a community of love and acceptance so that everyone feels heard and appreciated.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, remember to spread the love everywhere you can this February!

Katie is a senior at Indiana University – Bloomington, where she has double majors in Journalism (concentration in Public Relations & Strategic Communications) and Italian, as well as a minor in Apparel Merchandising. In her free time, she enjoys thrifting, reading, traveling, and crafting!

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