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Using Style To Grow Your Visibility Authentically

Trish Taylor is a successful Brand and Embodiment Coach,

who helps online entrepreneurs feel comfortable and confident in their own skin! Not only does she elevate their wardrobes, she believes that our wardrobe can give us a little boost of confidence, while really showing our audience who we are! With a background in counseling and a former red carpet stylist, it felt so natural for Trish to jump right into her calling. It was all about helping her clients feel seen and heard!

Join us today to hear about how she started her dream job, found her amazing clients, and did it all while being her true authentic self.

In this episode you will hear:

  • What lead her to start her business and the path she took to get there
  • Ways you can elevate your wardrobe, confidence and mindset
  • How to end the ‘fake it until you make it’ mindset and learn to match your outside to your inside
  • Learn how the clothes in your closet can support who you truly are and how you feel
  • Learn to trust yourself and hone your process in a way that works for you

Connect with Trish:

Website –
Instagram –
5 Day Closet Cleanse Challenge – Located on Trish’s Instagram IGTV, Day 1-5!
The Batch Wardrobe: How to Create 6 Months Worth of Amazing Content in 6 Outfits or Less

listen to the episode:

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