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Use Your Intuition to Achieve Success

In the world of business, there is an unspoken truth which is often ignored by most teachers and mentors. And yet, this is the ONE thing that can take your business to the next level. I’m talking about intuition.

Brain researchers estimate that your unconscious database outweighs the conscious on an order exceeding ten million to one. This database is the source of your hidden genius. In other words, you have all the answers inside of you. And super successful people regularly consult this database.

Harnessing your powers and using your intuitive abilities is instrumental to the success of your business. I will teach you how to use these abilities for your own personal gain.

Let’s look at 3 business situations where your intuition can help guide you:

Hiring a new person

Whether you need to hire a new employee, a contractor, or a press agent, the fastest and safest way to do it is by trusting your gut! This is easier said than done. When it comes to people, we all have a blind spot. But if you learn to OBEY that very first feeling, that natural instinct that you have as soon as you meet them, you will be sure to secure only the best people for the job.

Hiring people can be tricky; and your analytical mind will always try to tell you what to do, and will present very interesting arguments as well. You must also pay attention to how you feel. Right after you meet this new person, are you happy? Are you anxious? Do they make you uneasy? Or are you experiencing a feeling of familiarity and content when you are around them? 

Don’t rationalize it. Don’t focus on their resume. If you are experiencing any type of unpleasant emotion, the answer is NO. Full stop.

Deciding on a new investment

If you have to choose between a variety of options regarding your business or your investments, making a final decision can be quite daunting and pretty nerve wracking.

The truth is that you always have all the answers inside of you. Here is a very simple, and very powerful technique that will help you access those answers:

Before you go to bed at night, write down your question on a piece of paper. For instance: “Should I invest in …?” Or “Is this a good move for my business?”

The important thing is that you phrase the question in a binary way. Don’t ask “How should I…” Where could I …” Or “What investment is right for me?”  

To ensure real success, it’s best if you write down a question that can be answered Yes or NO.

Put that piece of paper underneath your pillow. And go to sleep. The next morning, as soon as you wake up, write down absolutely everything that you remember from your dreams. If you can’t remember your dreams, write down any colors, feelings, emotions. Did you wake up tired? Did you wake up refreshed and happy?

Your subconscious mind and your body are giving you information, and helping you make the right decisions. Pay attention; is it a YES or is it a NO answer? 

You have to be honest with yourself, and trust that the answer that came through is the one that you needed to hear.

Increase sales – Attract more customers

This is my most favorite exercise of them all!! I am very competitive, and I enjoy seeing my bank account get bigger and my phone ringing non-stop! I LOVE IT!

The power to create success is inside of you. Your heart & your mind work together to create rewarding events in your life. If you would like to see your sales go up & hear your phone ring everyday, here is what you do:

Pick a time of the day to practice meditation. This can be done anytime, morning, afternoon, or evening. If you were to make this a daily habit, you would start seeing the results within a week. I promise you that as you see your bank account grow you will soon become addicted to this meditation.

Sit up straight in a comfortable place in your home, or at your office. Close your eyes, and breathe deeply for a few seconds. Do nothing but focus on your breathing for about a minute. As you breathe, you’ll bring yourself into a relaxed and centered state from which you can access the higher dimensions of your consciousness.

Now, focus your attention in your heart. Try to feel how your heart is beating, acknowledge how it is always there for you, keeping you alive, and safe. Picture the blood pumping from your heart to every cell of your body. As you continue to breathe deeply (I mean really deeply) show appreciation for your heart and its infinite power.

Next, appreciate YOU. Think about all the work that you have put into your business, visualize how you can help your clients with your products or services. Feel the happiness and the joy that you’d have when you see your sales go up, and your business expanding. Feel complete, realized, accomplished. Continue to visualize your heart expanding, and growing bigger and brighter. Feel compassion for yourself, understanding for your journey, and acknowledge that things must work out for you. 

Stay in this space for at least 5 minutes (if you can do it for longer, even better). After you are done, take a deep breath in and stretch. Get out of the chair and walk to a mirror. Look at yourself and smile. DONE!

This simple visualization exercise may seem silly in the beginning, but it will prove very effective in times of need. Almost like magic you will see things turning around and you will be surprised at the amazing power of your mind.

I challenge you to try this and let me know your results.



Veronica Moya is an Intuitive teacher and a meditation coach. Veronica, originally from Argentina, has climbed the business ladder in New York City and she is the proud owner of the biggest Elopement Co. in New York “Wedding Packages NYC”. In addition, Veronica is now focused on teaching young people how to get the competitive advantage in life through the development of their intuitive abilities. She teaches psychic development and meditation classes in person and online. 
Veronica was featured in Telemundo, E Entertainment, the New York Times, Wisdom magazine, Cosmopolitan magazine and New Realities. She is starting her very own podcast called “The intuitive mind with Veronica Moya” and is now in the process of writing her first book. 
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