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Three Female-Empowering Memoirs to Read this Fall

Recently, the memoir genre has experienced a renaissance of popularity. The typical audience of memoirs has become younger and younger as subsections of tik tok like “book tok” and book reviewing influencers gain popularity. Millennials and gen-zers have turned to memoirs, specifically those written by women, for advice, entertainment, and inspiration. Memoirs written by women have the ability to empower and create connections within the female community. These memoirs empower women by allowing them to connect with and relate to the stories and experiences of women that have come before them. Although this genre is filled with memoirs by so many wonderful female authors, here are some that have stood above the rest:

Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton

The New York Times best selling memoir, Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton has been incredibly popular since its publishing in 2018. Among the memoir’s various awards is the National Book Award for Autobiography of the Year and a spot on the Sunday Times Bestsellers List. Dolly’s memoir has been translated into 25 different languages and even turned into a television series. In it, Dolly Alderton, a 35-year-old award-winning British journalist and author, shares stories from her youth and early childhood all the way into her late 20s. There is so much to be learned from Dolly’s funny, relatable, and sometimes shocking stories and experiences- how to navigate friendships, work, romantic relationships, moving, getting older, and everything in between. Dolly’s writing is both heartwarming and enlightening while also making the daily struggles of growing up feel so fun to read.

Educated – Tara Westover

Educated, published in 2018, is a memoir with an incredibly unique and compelling story. In this memoir, its author Tara Westover, recently awarded with the President’s National Humanities Medal, describes her upbringing in rural Idaho. Tara’s stories of growing up isolated from society and separated from formal education are intense and intriguing. She discusses the complex relationships she has with her family, her childhood, and with academia. Her experiences give her a unique perspective on loyalty and relationships that compels and appeals to all audiences.

Untamed – Glennon Doyle

Untamed by Glennon Doyle is a memoir primarily about personal growth and self-reflection. Glennon Doyle, 47-year-old American author and LGBTQ activist, shares stories of her life and her experiences with motherhood, marriage, divorce, new relationships, spirituality, and so much more. Through her re-telling of her personal experiences, Glennon reflects on the role she has been placed in as a woman and a mother, and empowers women to be true to themselves.

Cherie Laroche is a Fall 2023 PR intern of Quotable Media Co. She is currently a student at Emerson College, pursuing a degree in Public Relations with a minor in Digital Media and Culture.

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