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The Up Level Project with Hanneke Antonelli

Hanneke Antonelli just published her first book, which made #1 New Release in three categories the day it hit Amazon. She is a life and business coach who works with high level business owners to up level their business and life, and she can do the same for you. We caught up with her to learn what it was like to write a book, what business owners need to know, and much more. 

Ok I want to dive right in to the book! First of all congrats on the release- what a feat! Can we start by hearing about what the most rewarding part of writing the book was for you?

Working with my friend and editor, James Reed. When I first set out to write the book, I set an intention to make this a fun project for myself; hiring James was the best decision ever. Hitting the #1 new release in three categories within 24-hours of releasing the book– that felt really great. The other rewarding thing was all the support and love friends and colleagues showed for the book. It meant so much.

Love that you made sure to have fun with it! But I’m sure it was also a lot of work. What was the most challenging part?

It was going through all the rounds of edits. The first draft of the book literally spilled out. I wrote it in only 90 days. Then it was time to go through that draft and I had to dig deep on a few chapters and stories to ensure it would resonate and benefit readers. That part was definitely a little more tricky and the hardest part was the final edits, when the content was all set and done but we had to go through and fine-comb for style and grammar consistency.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Usually it’s my 7-pound Maltipoo Khaleesi, who needs to be let out to do her morning business. Just kidding, what gets me out of bed in the mornings are all the exciting possibilities that lie ahead in the day. On client days, it’s the fact that I get to connect with them and provide that supportive co-creative space for them that helps them to go and create magic in their businesses. Other days it’s who I get to connect with, what I get to create for marketing purposes or upcoming events or programs that will have a significant impact on attendees. I love the thrill of running a business, building and creating from scratch, and I’m so grateful that I get to impact business owners in a dynamic way that allows them to break through blocks and overcome challenges.

What advice would you give to other people considering writing a book?

Establish a writing routine that you can stick to and never write until you’re empty during one setting. Always finish your writing session with more that you could write. And make sure you know exactly where that book is going to fit into your brand and business and what you’ll do off the back of it to monetize your new asset.

Both great points we will keep in mind! When it comes to work and life, do you have a routine that you stick to regularly? How do you feel it helps you?

I’m a big believer in resiliency routines but I also allow the ingredients of the routine to shift. I usually do a gut check-in first thing in the morning, by asking myself: “What do I need today?” and then giving myself permission to have it. This morning the answer was to stay in bed a little longer. Activities that make a regular rotation through my routine are 10-minute yoga first thing in the morning, 10 minute meditation, and journaling.

I’m a results-driven individual, especially when it comes to my clients. Practicing my routines help me to connect with my inner wisdom and to intuitively know what a client needs in a session which will help them to attain their goals faster. My routines also help me to stay focused, motivated, and maintain clarity on my own business objectives.

What do you do to unwind when you’re not working or writing?

Usually at the end of the day it’s a quick stroll with our puppy and then I love playing cribbage with my husband for a little bit before dinner. And you can usually find me with my fingers in the dirt of my garden in the summer. Watching plants grow gives me lots of satisfaction. I also love reading (I’m a huge fan of stories that play off against the backdrop of WWII,) grabbing a glass of wine with a friend and talking about non-business stuff.

So you’ve alluded to clients, and we mentioned you’re a business coach but didn’t dive into that yet. How did you start coaching and what makes you different?

Coaching saved my life. I suffered from depression pretty badly in my 20s and after trying lots of other avenues to heal my depression, I discovered life coaching. I’m a super driven and results-orientated person and so I found it very frustrating to sit and rehash the past in therapy sessions. I loved that coaching allowed me to focus forward while also equipping me with practical tools to rewire my brain and break those thought patterns that were causing me lots of anxiety.

What makes me different from other business coaches is that I’ve lived my transformation. After overcoming depression, I went on to build two award-winning businesses in under five years. I also have a degree and over 16-years of experience growing companies in various industries. Coupling my business expertise with my strong coaching foundation and science-backed neuroscientific methods allows me to tap into my client’s magic power and help them to use that secret sauce to attain their goals, in a way that’s in complete alignment with their unique personalities. The result is higher profits, more freedom and a lot more joy and satisfaction.

What an incredible story you have! What’s one thing you think most business owners need to know?

We are all looking for silver-bullet strategies from mentors and gurus. But the truth is that no strategy or step-by-step system is going to work for your business if your mindset isn’t in complete alignment with your goal. And that mindset work goes way beyond thinking positive thoughts and posting positive affirmations on social media.

So true! If you could change anything about your past, business and life, would you?

I would say no. Overcoming depression, living in multiple cities around the world, all my career transitions, experiencing burnout while running my first business, all of it has shaped who I am today. I learned some super valuable lessons along the way that allows me to relate to people on a deeper level and all of it is helping me to be of greater service to my clients. But beyond business, my journey has also allowed me to become a more fulfilled and purpose-driven individual. I’m grateful for all of it.

If you could have done anything besides what you’re doing, what would it be?

A pop-singer. I used to do solos at weddings and church events but after a few failed performances I developed severe stage fright. In another life, I’d like to have developed my voice more and continued my singing career.

What’s your dream vacation?

Ooh I’m torn between anywhere in Italy or a beach vacation in Thailand.

What do you wish you could tell your younger self?

Enjoy the present moment and milk all the joy out of it because life’s too short to not be happy and grateful for now.

Any plans for the next few years?

LOL, I hate that question! Life is what happens while you’re making other plans. But on a more serious note in the next three years I’m looking to scale my coaching business to beyond the $500K revenue mark and continue to deliver high-touch programs and services, and do more speaking gigs.

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