Adriana Keefe on The Power of Rewiring Your Thoughts to a Growth Mindset

In this week’s episode, I got to talk with Adriana Keefe,

a Life and Manifestation coach who helps high achieving women create life balance without sacrificing their goals. She is a mom of 3, wife, lover of wine, swear words, and “New Girl”, and works with women in multiple capacities – from workshops and speaking to personal 1:1 coaching. She is also the host of the Women Who Want More podcast.

We got to dive into her business journey and how she found herself life coaching after pivoting careers multiple times. If you’ve been feeling stuck in your business or even in your personal life, this conversation is for you. Adriana shares so much of her journey and along with really practical advice for business owners to find more fulfillment in their work and their personal lives. Listen in to hear how rewiring your thought process can have a huge impact on your business growth and personal development. I am so inspired by her journey and I know that you will be too.

In this episode you will hear:

-Her journey from the veterinary field, to real estate, to life coaching
-The value of decluttering your life and how she’s sharing this with her clients
-Why understanding what makes you light up it critical for feeling fulfilled in your work life
-How mindfulness practices have launched her into her new business
-The power of rewiring your thought process to a growth mindset that propels your business
-How Human Design is crucial to understanding how you work and avoiding burnout

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Connect with Adriana:

Web: https://adrianakeefe.com
Instagram: @adrikeefe
Podcast: Women Who Want More

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Listen to the episode:

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