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The Most Powerful Thing You Can Do For Your Business: Go On A Retreat


The number one most powerful thing you can do for your business this year is go on a business retreat. Last year was the first year show host Alessandra Pollina hosted one, and it was life changing for everyone involved. If you’re looking for quantum leaps, super strong friendships with other business owners, and a chance to actually take the time to dig into the deep work that will impact the future of your business, a retreat is the place to do it. Away from the demands of everyday life, these events provide the time and space necessary for introspection, innovation, and strategic planning. Beyond material benefits, retreats nurture invaluable friendships, often leading to collaboratively beneficial future engagements. In essence, the positive effects of attending a business retreat can ripple across the timeline of one’s enterprise. That’s why attending one is the most impactful thing you can do as a business owner or entrepreneur this year. Listen in to hear more about why this is the case, and what else you can expect from a business retreat like this.

In this episode, we will:
  • Unlock the secrets to building a successful business while living your best life.
  • Discover the impact of attending a retreat on your business growth.
  • Form deep connections and expand your network for exponential business growth.
  • Form deep connections and valuable networking for business acceleration.
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I just think that nothing compares. If one of your goals for this year is to strengthen your connections with other people, make some new connections, connect more with people on a different level, whether that’s business or personal. That, to me, was like one of the hugest pieces of this. – Alessandra Pollina

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:00 – Introduction to Quotable Podcast

00:01:43 – PR Visibility Boot Camp Membership Program

00:02:02 – The Power of Business Retreats

00:07:00 – Forming Deep Connections and Friendships

00:12:21 – Gaining Diverse Business Perspectives

00:13:55 – Importance of Customer Feedback

00:14:31 – Impact on Business Growth

00:19:09 – Tangible Takeaways and Investment

00:23:17 – Overcoming Fear and Embracing Growth

00:26:23 – The Power of Networking and Deep Connections

00:26:58 – The Value of In-Person Events and Networking

00:27:32 – The Influence of Deep Relationships

00:28:16 – Invitation to Join a Retreat

00:29:10 – Engagement and Call to Action

Timestamped summary of this episode:

00:00:00 – Introduction to Quotable Podcast
Alessandra Pollina introduces Quotable, a female entrepreneur podcast, and shares her experience as the owner of Quotable Media Co. She emphasizes the importance of learning from other women in business and living life to the fullest.

00:01:43 – PR Visibility Boot Camp Membership Program
Alessandra announces the launch of the PR Visibility Boot Camp membership program, highlighting its six-month duration, online course content, accountability, and group camaraderie. She encourages female entrepreneurs to sign up for the program to enhance their visibility plan.

00:02:02 – The Power of Business Retreats
Alessandra shares her experience of hosting a business retreat for the first time, emphasizing its impact on her business and the participants’ businesses. She recommends considering a business retreat for personal and professional growth, highlighting the value of connections and relationship building.

00:07:00 – Forming Deep Connections and Friendships
Alessandra discusses the significance of forming new friendships and deep connections during the business retreat. She expresses the profound impact of the retreat on forming new best friends and the level of connection achieved in such a short period.

00:12:21 – Gaining Diverse Business Perspectives
Alessandra highlights the benefit of diverse perspectives from participants with different types of businesses during the retreat. She emphasizes the value of gaining insights and ideas from individuals in various industries, enabling participants to broaden their thinking and approach to business.

00:13:55 – Importance of Customer Feedback
Alessandra discusses the value of engaging with prospective clients for valuable feedback and insight. These conversations can be incredibly helpful for business growth and development.

00:14:31 – Impact on Business Growth
Alessandra emphasizes the significant impact a retreat can have on business growth. It can provide the space and time to develop new offerings and gain confidence in launching them, ultimately leading to increased revenue.

00:19:09 – Tangible Takeaways and Investment
The retreat offers tangible takeaways such as a photo shoot for content creation, which can be more valuable than the cost of the retreat itself. It’s an investment in business growth and development.

00:23:17 – Overcoming Fear and Embracing Growth
Alessandra encourages listeners to overcome fear and prioritize personal and professional growth through the retreat experience. It’s an opportunity for connection, growth, and seizing new opportunities in 2024.

00:26:23 – The Power of Networking and Deep Connections
Building deep connections with like-minded individuals can significantly impact your business through referrals, business connections, and exponential growth opportunities.

00:26:58 – The Value of In-Person Events and Networking
In-person events and networking hold immense value and power in building PR, visibility, and strong relationships, potentially leading to impactful business connections.

00:27:32 – The Influence of Deep Relationships
A few powerful, deep relationships can make a significant difference in your business, as they may have connections to a larger network and possess valuable insights to help elevate your business.

00:28:16 – Invitation to Join a Retreat
Alessandra Pollina invites listeners to join a female founders retreat in Barbados, emphasizing the potential for a life-changing experience and business growth through deep connections.

00:29:10 – Engagement and Call to Action
Listeners are encouraged to engage with the podcast by sharing episodes, subscribing, leaving reviews, and reaching out for connections through Instagram or the website.


Okay, here’s a mini one for you this week. I just wanted to talk about one thing that I think we should all try to do this year in business and life. One thing I think we should all try to do. If you’ve never done it before, and even if you have, let’s schedule this for this year.
Now. Going on a retreat, specifically thinking about a business retreat. But honestly, if a business retreat isn’t your thing, I think that’s also fine. I think you could get a ton out of any other kind of retreat, even if it’s just like a personal retreat or a couple’s retreat or some kind of retreat based around a certain hobby or thing that you love. But I think for most of you who are listening to this, a business retreat is really going to resonate with you the most, or at least will resonate with you.
And I honestly recommend it so much. I’m not even one to talk, but this past year was the first time I ever did a business retreat and I hosted it for the first time. In true me fashion, I hosted one and it was so incredible. And I think that it had a huge impact on my business and on all of the businesses of the people who came than anything that we had all done the whole rest of the year. And that is huge.
That is really huge. So I wanted to just chat about it for a second and to honestly recommend that you look into something like this for your business this year, because I just think I hadn’t realized, and again, same for any of the women. I don’t think any of the women who came on the retreat that I hosted had ever been on a retreat like that before. And everyone was honestly surprised that everybody was like, this was beyond what I had expected or what I had imagined or what I had ever thought the impact could be for me. And that is so powerful.
I think if it’s something you’ve thought about but haven’t made space for or time for, or budgeted for so far yet in your business, or if you have gone on a retreat before and maybe haven’t in the last couple of years, or maybe you have, but you’re like, I don’t know, maybe if you have, you probably know it’s something that you should try to do every year, but if you haven’t, I really think you should think about it because it doesn’t have to be. I think that it feels like something that’s really big and you might not be able to do, but you can. So that’s what I’m here to tell you today. I just think that nothing compares. If one of your goals for this year is to strengthen your connections with other people, make some new connections, connect more with people on a different level, whether that’s business or personal.
That, to me, was like one of the hugest pieces of this. I think that getting together for in person retreat is huge for connections and relationship building. And if for nothing else, if you think about it as an investment in your relationships, that in itself makes it so worth it. If you can connect with, depending on how many people are there, like five, six to ten women on that level, I think that’s going to be able to have a huge impact on your business, especially if you’re connecting with the right kinds of people. If you’re attending a retreat or an event with the kind of women who are of the caliber that you either are in or want to be on that level that you want to be on or beyond, then that’s huge.
I truly think that just getting out of your normal kind of day to day situation, getting out of your comfort zone, going somewhere totally different, I think is like a big part of it. Even if it’s just like a weekend long thing, it doesn’t have to be like a whole week long retreat. If you’re like, hey, yeah, but I cannot get away for a week or something like that. Even if it’s a weekend, like getting out of your space and out of your comfort zone, even going somewhere new for you, even if it’s just like in your city, I think that could still be powerful. But I think getting somewhere completely new was a big part of it, too.
You’re exploring new things, you’re having brand new experiences, and especially with brand new people that you’ve never interacted with before or you’ve never met before at all, it’s really putting you in a whole different situation, and it’s really letting you explore new things and who are you and who can you be? And working through and figuring those kinds of things out for yourself is so cool. And you get a chance to actually meet other brand new people, going through the same kinds of things, figuring out the same things, talking about their businesses in the same kind of way. And that is what I think is honestly like one of the biggest takeaways, I guess I’ll say, here’s what I think are kind of the biggest takeaways, and I’m not trying to convince you to go on a retreat. I don’t need you to go on a retreat with me, although I am planning to host somewhere this year because I just found that it was so powerful and enjoyable and fun and I was like, I want this to be in my life more, so I’m going to do more of them.
But even if it’s not with me or not this kind of retreat, I truly just think you should think about it. I think you should look into options because I truly think it’s the best thing I did for my business last year and probably personally too because here’s the first thing that I kind of was alluding to. Not only, like, business connections, but I literally made some new best friends. I think maybe the top thing, like, maybe I shouldn’t order it this way, but the top thing for me was the people that I met. I came away with literally five new best friends.
And I don’t think that I’ve made friends on that level before as an adult. I know I have not made friends as an adult on that level before, where it’s not even just, like, business friends. I’m not going to be like, these are my business friends. They are my friend friends now. And everyone felt that way.
Like, I’m not just being weird about this. Everyone was like, I had no idea I was going to become best friends with you guys on this trip. And I know that’s not always the case. You don’t always jive 100% with every person on the trip. And even if it was only one or two, to be honest, I would be amazed and thrilled.
But in our case, it just so happened that we literally all got along on that level and loved each other, have become friends and plan to actually stay in touch and get together afterwards. We already had our reunion set before we got off the plane for getting together again in person in a couple of weeks. And we have the group text thread still going and we’re still chatting with each other all the time. And I have honestly never had that as an adult with adult friends. I have not been a person who has a group chat with friends with more than a couple of friends on one.
You know what I mean? I don’t have that group of friends. That’s not like, on a business level, especially that, to me, I just think was amazing. And part of it is that you just get, when you’re with people in this new situation in such close quarters. I mean, when’s the last time you even had a sleepover with other girls?
That doesn’t happen as much as an adult. I feel like too, in like, a sleepover situation. I mean, we all had our own rooms and stuff and then going out for all the outings and then the business stuff and the sessions, the workshops, that some of them got really personal by design. And then also, just because we already had formed those bonds, we got even more personal with a lot of the stuff that we talked about and dealt with. It felt like years of knowing each other after only being together for one week.
It was like that level of kind of relationship because you’re kind of thrown together with these people in such close quarters, with these specific activities. And one of the things that I did on purpose was some workshops at the very beginning. Like the first night we got there, we had an exercise that was really meant to bring us together in a really fast, quick way. And not to toot my own horn, but we literally got to know each other super quick. There was none of that even just first night or first day, like, oh, I don’t know these people kind of feeling.
And that was by design. But I think, I’m sure any good retreat kind of is organized or is designed that way that you kind of get to know people really quickly. But, yeah, I think that’s really interesting because we didn’t know each other, we had no preconceived ideas of who the others were. And that allows you to just approach people in a different way, I think. And we were able to completely open up.
I think that we were able to talk about certain things. If you don’t know somebody at all to a certain extent, and then also once you get to know them, then it’s easier to talk about things even more. But it’s like just something about coming together with people that you don’t know yet, I think can be almost more powerful than if it had been a group of people that sort of knew each other but weren’t to that level of friendship. But I don’t know. I think either way, it would have been really powerful.
But there’s something to be said for going to a situation where you don’t know people. So I guess that’s one thing I would say, is don’t feel like you need to go with a friend or with somebody that you know. I know some people came to ours, like, already knowing people. It was like, yeah, people wanted to sign up with somebody that they knew, but I don’t think you need to. I think go for it.
If you see something that looks interesting to you, if you see a retreat that you think you want to go on and you don’t know a single soul. Oh, my God, so cool. I think that is so cool. And you should do it. Don’t let that hold you back.
Like, you are going to form fast friendships with people really quick once you get there, so don’t feel like if you don’t know anyone, that’s, like, a bad thing. I think that’s a great thing. And also having different perspectives from a wide variety of businesses, which, again, you never know. But I think that was really cool about ours. And something that I think is probably really cool about most business retreats.
Sometimes you can end up in circles with people who have similar businesses to yours. I’m sure. I don’t usually fall into that. I feel like I never know anyone else with PR agency, but I know that is the case for a lot of people. They’ll end up in circles of, I don’t know, a photographer, being in a lot of networking groups with other photographers, or not necessarily networking groups, but like business groups or coaches, and then there’s a bunch of other coaches.
This was, and what I think is a cool dynamic is like all different types of businesses and so very different perspectives. So when we’re talking about business specific things or masterminding someone’s whatever, a new offer they were planning to, wanting to talk through, or an issue going on in their business, or pricing or whatever those topics were that came up both in the sessions. And just like in individual conversations, we would do the specific business sessions and workshops, and then we’d go to the beach and we’d still be talking through stuff, even at the beach. That’s the conversation we were still working through people’s ideas and thoughts on things and all of that. And it’s really cool to get the different perspectives because I would say, on the one hand, there’s so much you can draw in and bring into your business and the way you’re thinking about things and looking at things by getting the perspective of somebody who’s in a completely different industry, because they might be doing things very differently, but there’s no reason you can’t borrow some of the things they do, some of the whatever tactics, ways of thinking about things, whatever that is.
But also they might, and they might also be like a prospective client or customer to you. So they might actually have really good questions or really good insight into what would make them want to act or what would make something appealing to them. And those kinds of conversations were really helpful. And I think that leads to the next thing, which is just the impact it can have on your business, which is huge. I think that it feels like, oh, this is just a fun trip.
I can’t go on a vacation right now, or I can’t spend money to go on that kind of a trip right now. I could use that expense somewhere else. But if you think about the level of investment this can have on your business, it’s actually crazy, because, for example, one of the things that we talked through a lot was there was somebody who came on the trip who’d been talking about wanting to basically put together, a whole new offering for clients for the whole year before this. And we all have those things. This thing that’s been in your back, the back of your mind.
Like, I really want to do this thing. I want to put together this offer. I want to launch this thing. I want to host or hold this thing. But once I have a chance to think about it, I’ll put it together, right?
Or once I have xYz, I’ll have space in my brain to put this together or think about it or whatever that is, and it just never ends up happening. Like, you don’t have that time to put something together. You don’t make that time to put something together to think it through the way you want. Or, and here is the big one. You feel like you need opinions, you need some insight, right?
Because sometimes we’re like, this thing seems really cool. This thing seems like something I really want to do. But what if it only sounds cool to me? What if it’s not actually something people will want to take part in or want to do? Or maybe there’s something I’m missing about it, right?
We all know that what I’m talking about there is that thing for you, I’m sure, or there have been at some point in your business, and that’s what this was for her. She’d been thinking about this thing all year and hadn’t really ever put it together. And we just put it together with her. We made space and time for it. We masterminded through it.
We talked through what she wanted it to look like, what it could be. We played devil’s advocate. We thought about it in terms of, some of us were a perfect target. Like, fell into her target audience, like, we would have been perfect customers for this Offer, some of us weren’t, and still had really valuable questions and insight into how to make it work the best. And she was able to put that together.
And even just, I’m thinking, like, in the thought of one person buying that offer from her, like, if one person took her up on that offer, which I’m sure they have already by now, I should check in to see how many people have already signed up for this. But in the selling of one of that offering, I don’t know what the word is I’m looking for, but she would have more than made up for the investment and the whole retreat, you know what I mean? And if she hadn’t come, she wouldn’t have had that chance to put it together in that way. And with that confidence of putting it out there by this point. And so now it’s out there and she could start selling it, she can start making money on it and start serving the people that she’s been wanting to serve this whole time but didn’t have quite the exact right offer for.
But yeah, that’s just like one example of how it can have a huge impact, like direct impact on your business. And if you think about it as like, oh, I can’t spend like 5000, $10,000, $2,000 on a retreat right now. It’s not like paying for a vacation. That is like an investment. I feel like I sound like a business coach right now, trying to convince you to invest in something you don’t want to invest in.
I’m not meaning to sound like that. That is the way my mind works sometimes. Like, that’s not an immediate need for me right now. Is it a smart move to spend money on it? Right.
That is how I sometimes think. I definitely sometimes fall into a lack mindset. I’ll be the first to tell you that’s something I’ve struggled with my whole ten years of business and probably my whole life. And I’m trying to get out of it, but I get it if that’s what you’re thinking about it. So that’s just what I want to say about that.
Because I was like, okay, I would have held myself back from something like this normally, but seeing it and seeing what came out of it for each and every one of us, it was so worth it. And I’m not trying to sound salesy about it, but I just can’t express that enough. Want to make sure I’m expressing that enough because I know there are retreats out there that are super pricey, but honestly, I’m now super curious about it. I’m like, wow, I wonder what I would get out of something like that. And I plan to find out.
But also for right now, my retreats are not that expensive, although I am planning to raise the price every time I do it. I’m planning to raise the price a little because I’m learning so much about just hosting it and what it’s like. And I really want this to become part of, like, you’re hearing it here first, folks, but I want this to be part of my business. I want this to actually be like a viable revenue stream because that’s how much I’m loving it right now. And so I want to figure out how to actually make some money on it.
And so I’m planning to raise the rate because I saw how powerful, I saw that it was literally life changing for people. And I was like, wow, people would actually bend money to have this experience. And if you think about it, even just some of the things, you can’t even rent a hotel room or rent a house in a location like this for less for the price that I had priced the first retreat at. And then if you do need to think about it in a more specific contextual investment way, too, we had a photo shoot one day. Find a retreat that has really tangible takeaways, if that’s important for you too.
So we literally had a photo shoot day, one day where everybody got to take their own individual content, photos, headshots and content. And that in itself was so powerful, too. And honestly, I’ve paid more for a photo shoot myself for my business than I priced the whole retreat at. And when I realized that afterwards, I was like, oh my God, like what? So even if you just think about it as what you’re going to walk away with now, I have content for the next couple of months.
If you think about it that way, what are the things that would really actually help you in your business? What would make business easier for you and help you get farther ahead this year? And if one of those things for you, for example, is like, great photography so you have good branding and can put together great content, you don’t have to think about it when you’re putting together your emails or your social media because you have photography to draw from. I know for a lot of us that trips you up a lot or it could take time and you’re like, I don’t know what to use or I don’t know what images to make or whatever. So even just like, having photography be part of it is huge.
So all of these kind of tangible takeaways that just make it be so worth it and knowing you’re going to walk away with whatever that is for you. Like this new offer where you know that you’re going to be bringing it in so much more revenue after you’ve got that sorted out. And you just need sometimes that time and space away to clear your head from all the day to day stuff to really get to dive into some of those deeper things. Like, again. And I’m recording this at the very beginning of the year.
I’m going to put this out at the very beginning of the year. So hopefully we’ve all made some space for planning and dreaming and scheming and things, but we all know that that’s the stuff that sometimes does get pushed aside a lot throughout the year. And it’s always the most important, powerful part of business building is like making that space to actually plan next steps and to actually dream about what are five steps from now that I want to be putting things into place for. And being able to really intentionally do that so that you are always moving in the direction that you want your business to go in. You’re always taking intentional action.
Forward is so important. And so making that time and space is so worth it. That is literally something I encourage us all to plan into our year this year. And I will say, yes, go on a week long retreat. Absolutely, if you can.
I plan to, and I think you should. But even before I had ever done that, I planned little, I called them little mini business retreats just for myself. It was just me, myself and I going away for one night, not even away like a staycation, like going to a hotel in my city or even sometimes in my house, but just like making it be a dedicated one day and one night away from regular life. To really take that time to dive in and plan and dream and set things in motion that otherwise would keep getting pushed off the to do list because there’s such immediate, pressing things to do day to day, I think that’s so important. And so even if it is just like a day or a weekend retreat with yourself, schedule that in.
I think it’s important to do that quarterly, if you can, at least twice a year, though. And I’m still planning to do those, too, this year, even though I am also planning to go on the week long retreats as well. And I think you should do both too, if you can, of course. I want to go to the Caribbean for a week and enjoy myself with like five, six, seven other girlfriends who I can hang out with. But it’s more than that.
It is so much more than that. So I just never had really thought about it before in that way. I had never really prioritized it. Let’s be honest. That’s all it is.
I had never prioritized it before. And some of you are probably listening, who have done it before, who have gone on retreats, who have done things like this from the very beginning of your business. And you’re like, she’s crazy. How has she not done this before? Why is she telling me this like it’s something new?
And for you guys, I apologize. Yes, I know I’m late to the party. I know that some of you have been doing this all along. Some of you have been singing the praises of retreats all along. But I also know there are some people listening who have never gone on one before, who have never done this before.
And so this is for you. I want you to be like, okay, this is something I might sit up and pay attention to. I think it’s one of those things, too. Like maybe you’ve seen something about business retreats lately, and it’s like one of those things where once you see something or once something is meant for you, and then you start to see it more and more. You start to hear things about it.
You’re like, turn on your podcast app and there’s a podcast about it. You’re like, okay, this is actually something I should be paying attention to. You know what I mean? I feel like we all in the what I mean, with those things where it’s like you see something and it’s like all of a sudden you start seeing and hearing about it all the time, and you’re like, okay, I’m actually meant to do this. I should be paying attention.
So I feel like that’s what this is for some of you. And I just want to encourage you to do it. You totally deserve it, and it’s not even a deserve thing, but you get to do it and you should do it. And if it feels like something that sounds interesting or desirable to you, or if it sounds a little bit scary to you, this is a major chance for growth, too. I get that it might sound scary in many different ways.
The cost might sound scary to you. The idea of going somewhere without friends or family, people that you already know, might sound a little bit scary. The idea of taking a week off of work might sound a little bit scary. Which, to be fair, most of us did do some work while we’re there. It’s not like it is work focused.
But also, we did have a client call here or there. We tried to clear schedules as much as possible, but obviously we’re all business owners. We understand there might be something that comes up or something that you can’t get out of or something that you’re going to have to spend a couple of hours on a day. So that was totally understandable, too. So it’s not like you had to clear the whole week, even though I would encourage you to try, but I know that can be scary.
Or leaving your business in the hands of your team or someone else might be a little bit scary. But these are all things that are good scary, right? They’re a chance for growth, and they’re a chance for seeing what else is on the other side and what else is there for you. So in that way, I think it’s totally worth it. And I thought there was one other thing I was going to say about it.
I was just going to say, and I just really, truly think that 2024 is the year for connection. And as I was alluded to at the beginning, just imagine the connections that everyone else on the retreat will have to other people. It’s not just the group of people you meet on this trip. It’s not just these, whatever, 810 people. It’s then now you also have all of the connections that they’re connected to.
You also have all of the referrals that they know of. They might know the best bookkeeper and you need a great bookkeeper, or they might have a great client for you that they would pass along the ways that this can build your business just from forming such deep connections. Because it’s not just a business connection, it’s an actual friend. You know how you take that more seriously? You’re going to try to help your friend, and that’s what you get from something like this.
And that’s why I’ve been kind of preaching like, in person events, in person networking. There’s just so much value and power in that in general. And my whole thing is pr and visibility and relationships to begin with. So for me, and I’ve talked about this before, I’m like, it’s not necessarily about putting yourself out there on some platform that’s going to get in front of 5 million people. It could be doing something that’s going to get you in front of five people who really have the ability to make an impact in your business.
They might have that connection to the five more million people. They might have, say, the one thing that’s going to help skyrocket your business, you don’t know what that is. But sometimes those five super powerful deep relationships can make all the difference. So thinking about it that way, building those connections, getting to actually be in this situation with a couple of other business owners who really get you, and then also the exponential potential of all of those networks and the growth that’s there, that connection piece of this, I think is like taking networking to the absolute next level. For this year.
I hope I inspired you to go on a retreat to think about something like this. If you’re interested, obviously I want to invite you to come on one with me. I hosted a female founders retreat in Barbados in November and I’m planning to host two more this year. So if the spring is better for you or if next winter is better for you, we have the first week of April or the first week of November, so if you’re interested, definitely reach out. Let me know.
I’ll put a link in the show notes to an interest list. This is kind of like the waitlist. Give me your interest and then I’ll let you know when we have details for them. Hope to see some of you there, and I hope that if it’s not mine, it’s another one and you have a life changing experience that really helps skyrocket your business this year.
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