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Taking Back Your Productivity and Your Hormones with Lahana Vigliano

Join certified nutritionist Lahana Vigliano

on a journey of balancing hormones, improving gut health, and making her mark in the wellness industry through her business Nuvitru Wellness.

Lahana Vigliano is the CEO + founder of Nuvitru Wellness and a board certified clinical nutritionist. She has so much passion in helping women realize that there is a root cause for their symptoms, even if they have been dismissed by healthcare before. Her company Nuvitru Wellness specializes in women’s hormones and gut health and uses functional medicine lab testing to personalize the patient’s journey. Goodbye DIY!

She holds a Bachelor of Nutrition Science degree, Masters of Human Nutrition + Functional Medicine degree and is currently a doctorate student in clinical nutrition. Lahana is obsessed with creating natural remedies, researching, reading romance books, lifting heavy, and cooking meals for her family. Outside of work, she is a mother of two and wife. Her family is the inspiration behind Nuvitru and continues to encourage her through everything. Listen in to hear her story.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to identify hormonal imbalances and see how they’re affecting your work
  • How to create a workplace that feels like a family
  • What it’s like to run a telehealth private practice
  • Why chronic stress impacts hormonal imbalances
  • Ways to take back your productivity and energy

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