Miranda Nahmias on Quotable Podcast


Systematizing Your Onboarding

Miranda is founder of her online business, Miranda Nahmias & Co,

where she helps female service providers systematize their marketing. She graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of Rhode Island. Her business background comes from 6 years of experience as an editorial assistant at a publishing company. This is also where she learned her graphic design layout skills, and how she discovered her passion for administrative work. She loves her blog and her online business and is crazy about helping other women like herself figure out how to start an online business and make their business succeed.
She lives in Rhode Island with her husband, Brent, their two cats — Sam and Ellie — plus a golden retriever named Hannah.

Her best advice:

“I wish I had known more about mindset. I feel like the bigger my business gets, the more I am realizing how important that is.”

“I see a lot of beginner entrepreneurs, or even seasoned entrepreneurs, getting this like ‘perfection paralysis,’ feeling like everything needs to be perfect and I think a lot of it, especially in this day and age with like Instagram, has to do with comparing yourself to others, seeing everything everybody else is doing and just constantly thinking you’re not doing enough. It’s really hard but you have to learn how to stop comparing yourself to others. And it’s important to do things at your own pace so you don’t burn out. And always remember that done is better than perfect.”

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