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Summer Motivation for the Female Founder

Stick in there, girl

You’re a female founder. You’re innovating, formulating, dreaming, planning, doing. These things may feel loads easier during other parts of the year, but there’s something about the smell of sunscreen and feeling 90 degrees kissing the skin that draws one away from the demands of work — we get it babe. But focus is key in what you do — and we’re here to keep you motivated. Here are some ways to find some motivation in these summer months.

Don’t deprive yourself of rest

Sometimes when we lack motivation, we can mistakenly believe we need to just kick into a place of hyperactivity and fall for a ‘grind’ mentality. Operating out of this mentality can run us into the ground and also severe burn out if we aren’t careful. Be careful not to deprive yourself of rest in the name of getting motivated and exercising discipline. It takes discipline to rest as well. You cannot pour out of an empty cup, so before you work on growing in motivation and putting work in, slow down.

Revisit your why

Why did you start? Did you have your children and family in mind? Did you birth a passion project? If you must write it down, then do that! Get a very clear picture of why you began and remind yourself of the reason or reasons you put your hand to the plow. You’d be surprised at how motivating it is to reflect on the early stages of building. You can revisit the emotions you felt, the excitement and giddiness you had when just getting started.

Begin with the end in mind

In Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, he explores the habit of “beginning with the end in mind”. Known as the second habit of the seven, the essence of this habit is to embrace your vision. Beginning with the end in mind when in need of motivation could look like having a time of reflection with yourself. Take a breather and get honest with yourself and identify the fact that you’re lacking in motivation. That’s completely fine and completely normal. Now envision what you want in the next few years, months, days and just refocus on what you know to be important. Let that spark a flame of motivation and begin to fan it!

Check your positivity

Having a pessimistic mindset will be a major hindrance to your motivation. Self-deprecating thoughts, a lack of hope and overall negative feelings towards your work will not yield the good fruit you’re looking to bear. Take time to clean your mind. A practical exercise would be to brain dump your feelings — how you’re feeling toward yourself, your business, and even your coworkers/employees. Take a look at these feelings and identify the negative ones and challenge yourself to see how you can turn those negative thoughts into positive ones.

Have fun

And remember, have fun! Gaining motivation doesn’t have to be a gruesome and torturous process. You can have fun with it, remain positive. That might even look like having a dance party in your office or home office space to songs that get you inspired. You don’t have to miss out on the party.

Remember, you can do this. We here at Quotable Media Co. are cheering you on!

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