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Spotlight on: Courtney Levy of 2 Dogs Consulting

Meet Courtney Levy, Founder of 2 Dogs Consulting!

2 Dogs Consulting is a family owned boutique consulting firm that specializes in financial, operational and strategic consulting for small to medium sized businesses.

They’re dedicated to helping business owners unleash the potential of their business through 2 Dogs’ financial and operational expertise – without bringing on a full time CFO or COO. Their clients think of them as true partners in their business finances and operations.

About Courtney

Courtney spent the first 10 years of her career in various finance roles, including training through the Financial Management Program at General Electric before pivoting to sales operations and planning at HubSpot for 4 years. At HubSpot, Courtney grew the Sales Planning and Incentives team from 2 to 12, focusing on designing, analyzing, and planning for various strategic initiatives for the HubSpot sales team. Winning 2 President’s Club awards and promoted 2 times in under 3 years, Courtney widely became known as the expert in the area of sales, financial, operational and strategic planning. 

Courtney’s passion for small businesses and startups led her to launch 2dogs consulting in partnership with her husband, Jake. On the side, Courtney and Jake have built 4 businesses to-date and continue to grow their portfolio. Courtney and Jake know what it takes to scale  businesses, and their backgrounds in corporate finance have been critical to their success. Courtney knows how to financially plan, budget, forecast – and most importantly, how to take action within a business to achieve growth. 

Courtney is helping small and mid size businesses take control of their business without a full time CFO or COO through her consulting firm, 2 Dogs Consulting.

Services include:

Financial Forecasting
2dogs builds forecasting models so that business owners have a clear compass on growth & financial viability. They specialize in commercial forecasting, pipeline management, and cash flow forecasting to help clients evaluate future cash positions, & provide actionable financial insights on their business.

Planning & Budgeting
2dogs translate their client’s business plan and vision into a formalized financial plan and growth goals. They can help you come up with realistic revenue goals and expense targets. 2dogs specializes in scenario planning so that companies are prepared for all business environments.

Business Operations
For business owners spending too much time doing administrative work and looking to automate and streamline their business, 2dogs can help assess their clients’ business process workflow & identify areas of opportunity for automation so that business leaders can focus on their actual service and product. 

Commercial Support
2dogs can advise on businesses’ go-to-market strategies, incentive plans and commissions modeling, sales force hiring and quota setting, and territory design. They can also help business leaders design their pricing structure, create pricing campaigns and discount programs, and assess their market position and competitive landscape.

Start-up Support
Being a start-up founder is a 24 hour gig. 2dogs can be an extra set of hands to relieve startup founders of tasks from all the hats they wear as an entrepreneur, from assisting with writing business plans to generating financials for the next fundraising round. They’re here to help turn your idea into a business.

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