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Social Media Trends for Entrepreneurs

In today’s day and age with the rapid growth of technology use, taking advantage of social media can dramatically improve your business. Today’s generations rely heavily on social media to hear about new products, trends and businesses that can benefit them. Entrepreneurs constantly have to adapt to what’s new and trendy, and the use of socials can make that process just a bit easier. Here are five social media trends entrepreneurs and business owners should jump on right away.

TikTok and Instagram Reels

Tiktok is currently one of the most popular social media platforms. It quickly blew up, gaining millions of users and creators. There are many influencers on the app, promoting and advertising new products every day to their followers. Products can easily go viral on the app, turning a small business into a multi-million dollar company very quickly. For example, The Ordinary brand has become extremely popular since it went viral on TikTok. It is an affordable, high-quality skincare line that consumers have fallen in love with.

As an entrepreneur, promoting your product on TikTok, either through an influencer or your own account, can grow your business overnight. Instagram Reels are very similar to TikTok, allowing creators to post short videos for users to enjoy. Brands can explode through a simple Instagram Reel, just like they can on TikTok.

Use the Story Feature to Promote a Post or Product

Most social media platforms now have a “stories” feature, where users can create posts that last for 24 hours. We see stories on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Many creators promote a post on their feed on their story, or in other words, reshare a post to their story. For example, if your business page posts an announcement about a new product to your feed, you could share that post on your story as well, allowing for viewers to click on the post from your story and view the original posting.

Put advertisements on “smaller” platforms

An article by Hootsuite reported that it has shown to be more beneficial to advertise on smaller platforms such as Snapchat or Pinterest, rather than larger platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Hootsuite said, “A study by Kantar, commissioned by TikTok, found that consumers ranked TikTok ads as more inspiring and enjoyable than ads on other platforms” and “A Nielson study commissioned by Snapchat found that ads on Snapchat had more reach than T.V. ads and led to greater awareness and purchase intent.”

Allow Consumers to buy your Product Directly on your Social Platforms

If you are going to create socials for your business and promote your products, it is important to make sure they are accessible on that network. If a potential consumer sees the product, becomes intrigued and then goes to see if there is a link to purchase the product and can’t find one, they will likely lose interest. Don’t make customers chase after your product – make sure you have an accessible and easy-to-find link in your bio to make it more user-friendly for the consumer.

Use Social Media Scheduling Systems to Ensure Timely Posts

We know that managing socials for a business can be a tedious and time-consuming job. While some prefer to hire social media managers to run their socials, another way to make the process easier is to use a scheduling system. For example, Onlypult is a scheduling system that allows one to schedule when they want a tweet sent out. It can be planned days, weeks, and even months in advance. Write up the tweet, select a date and time you want it sent out, and the service will do the rest of the work for you.

All of these trends and tips can help you better manage your business’ social media accounts. It can be overwhelming at first, but getting your product out on multiple social platforms can be extremely beneficial to your company.

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