Behind The Scenes at a Major Influencer Management Agency

Jess Hunichen and Emily Ward are the co-founders of the multi-faceted influencer agency, Shine.

After launching Shine PR January 2015, the team quickly saw the opportunity to fill a void in the influencer landscape. In November 2015, Shine Influencers was born, built to serve as a resource for brands and marketing/PR agencies with one-on-one talent management and campaign strategy consulting. Listen in to hear the story of how they built their business into one of the most reputable influencer talent agencies and learn about the power of influencer marketing for your brand.

In this episode you will hear:

-How they launched an influencer talent agency
-How they work as collaborative business partners
-How they have scaled their business
-Why they value employees soft skills
-What it’s like to manage talent
-How to utilize influencer marketing for your business
-Ways to measure success of a social marketing campaign
-Reasons brands should trust influencers with collaborations
-Tips for influencers looking for representation

Connect with Shine Talent Group:

Instagram @shine talent group
Facebook @ShineTalentGroup

listen to the episode:

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