Self-funding and Launching Innovative Hair Care

Carrie Sporer, co-founder of SWAIR

Showerless Shampoo, is joining me today to talk about founding a hair care product for people that work out as an alternative to dry shampoo. We dive into what it’s like to create a product when you have no background in that industry, smart ways to invest your time & money when launching a new product, and the importance of brand building.

Listen in to hear how you can make the smartest decisions for your business!

In this episode you will hear

-How they created a product in a new field
-What to look for in a co-founder
-Why they chose to invest in brand building
-Which parts of the business they DIYd
-How they googled their way to success
-Why problem solving is synonymous with entrepreneurship
-The benefits of self-funding your business

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