Sammy Handler on going from Emerging Artist to Successful CEO

On this week’s episode I have the chance to talk to Sammy Handler,

the Artist and Founder of Kicks by Sammy. We get to hear about how she turned her sneaker-painting side hustle in college, into a thriving, boot-strapped, custom accessories business. Tune in to hear how she went from an emerging artist and college student to a successful entrepreneur and CEO.

In this episode you will hear:

-How one social post grew into a full time business
-How customer feedback helped her pivot into her most successful market yet
-Why collaborations are important for business growth
-How networking with entrepreneurs has impacted her personal growth
-Why grit has made all the difference for her business

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Connect with Kicks by Sammy:

Web: kicksbysammy.com
Instagram: @kicksbysammyllc
Facebook: @kicksbysammy

listen to the episode:

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