Kim Walls Beb Organic Fortuna Quotable Podcast 3


Running Multiple Clean Skin Care Brands

Taking ancient wisdom and marrying it

with modern science to achieve amazing results. This might sound too good to be true, but this is exactly what Kim Walls, my guest in today’s episode, does through a number of her businesses in the clean beauty industry. Kim is a serial entrepreneur, a brand founder, co-founder and angel investor with a resume that will definitely amaze you. She is the founder of BEB Organic and co-founder of Fortuna Skin and Kelsen Products, among many others. Kim is here today to talk about her backstory in creating multiple successful businesses and share what matters (and what doesn’t!) in her blueprint to creating a successful brand.

In this episode, you will hear:

-Kim’s backstory – how growing up in an entrepreneurial family helped her build her businesses and her first business lessons
-Kim’s advocacy in skincare and recognizing the need for natural, clean products
-Putting your heart in your business, the meaning behind Kim’s branding
-The importance of touch for our mental health, particularly children’s mental health
-Different structures of Kim’s many businesses and how she competes in different business markets
-Launching products during Covid and a blueprint for creating a successful brand

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