Rosa Li on Bootstrapping a Beverage Brand

In this week’s episode, I got to chat with Rosa Li,

the founder of wildwonder. Wildwonder is a delicious RTD beverage that combines the gut health properties of kombucha, without the vinegar taste (and no cane sugar or synthetic sweeteners), with fresh California flavors. It’s inspired by the Chinese healing tonics Rosa’s grandmother brewed for her.

Wildwonder is the first and only drink that combines the two crucial components for a healthy gut – live probiotics and prebiotic fiber, supported by functional herbs and luscious fruits for a delicious and holistic approach to gut health. Listen in to hear about how Rosa launched a brand new product, went on to raise $2.1m and how wildwonder became available nationwide via Amazon in addition to being available in specialty retailers and offices like Google.

In this episode you will hear:

-The inspiration behind creating wildwonder- A healthy drink that actually tastes delicious
-How sampling products led to wildwonder’s first customers and the expansion of wildwonder into 200 stores in year 1
-How growth propelled wildwonder to raise $2.1million and ways wildwonder utilized funds to grow their team and business
-How Rosa has managed the growth of her business with a small team
-Ways Rosa is using the wildwonder platform to impact social change

Connect with Rosa Li & wildwonder:

Web: drinkwildwonder.com
Instagram: instagram.com/drinkwildwonder, instagram.com/rosalisays
Facebook: www.facebook.com/drinkwildwonder

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listen to the episode:

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