Renee Perkins on Building a Boutique Marketing Agency During the Pandemic

In this week’s episode, I got to talk with Renee Perkins,

CEO and Founder of Nantucket Island Marketing (NIM). NIM is an east coast digital marketing agency that provides growth-driven marketing solutions which connect small businesses with their target customers that was founded in 2020, right after the pandemic hit. We got to chat about what inspired her to launch her business and hear how she has built a successful marketing agency from the ground up, straight out of college.

When the world shut down in the middle of her post graduate job hunting and with hiring at a stand still she took matters into her own hands. Renee’s parents are also entrepreneurs so the idea of starting her own business was not completely out of left field. With a degree in marketing, and being raised on Nantucket Island, Renee started going door to door to offer her marketing services. It was then that Nantucket Island Marketing was born. Listen in to hear Renee’s unique business launch story, what decisions have made the difference in her success and how she stays motivated through it all.

“I want this to be a we thing and not just a me thing,” she shared on staying motivated. Renee started building her team in the first few weeks of launching her business and credits her success to having a solid support system early on.

In this episode you will hear:

-How the pandemic propelled her to launch her marketing agency straight out of college
-Why she started building a team early and which hires she made first
-How she scaled her business operations
-Where she invests her own marketing dollars
-Her tips for a seasonal business marketing strategy
-Why outsourcing can actually bring in more revenue

Connect with Renee and Nantucket Island Marketing:

Email: info@nantucketislandmarketing.com
Web: nantucketislandmarketing.com
Instagram: @nantucketislandmarketing
Facebook: @nantucketislandmarketing

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listen to the episode:

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